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FATHER'S DAY: WHAT MAKES A GREAT FATHER? Tom never wanted to BE a father, but he has great respect for those who do it right. Who does it right?<--break->'

He wants his son back:' Father of Dodgers' Andrew Toles refuses to lose son to schizophrenia

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GUSTAVO ARELLANO AND WOKOSOS IN THE HEIGHTS Los Angeles Times columnist and longtime Leykis guest Gustavo Arellano discuss the "woke" reaction to the Lin-Manuel Miranda film In The Heights, the wokester community in general, and the sudden need of advertisers to suddenly squeeze Black people into TV commercials where they've never been before.

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NOW THAT TOM'S BACK FROM HIS LOCKDOWN, HE HAS EVEN LESS PATIENCE FOR OTHER PEOPLE'S SHIT 16 months in hiding made Tom realize how short life is. Putting up with people's demands, complaints, or disappointments is not in the cards for him. Find out why.

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HOT VAX SUMMER That's what they're calling it! In most cases, we've gone without sex for 16 months now. So everyone is threatening to go for broke this summer. Your Professor doesn't want you to forget the most important tenets of his curriculum. Take this episode wherever you go this summer!

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NOW YOU KNOW WHO YOUR FRIENDS ARE After 16 months away in lockdown, Tom returns home to his Hollywood Hills home and spends time quietly thinking about all that's happened. He wrote about it in a Facebook post and got some surprising responses!

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CHANGES With the end of the lockdown, Tom invests a substantial sum in a new, improved app and events on the road are coming back as well. Hear all about it!

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WHAT DOES TOM DO NOW? After thinking about and talking about the end of Tom's lockdown for months, it's finally here. And Tom feels like an alien. Hear about Tom's first day of freedom!

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WHAT NOW? After being under a lockdown for over 15 months, Tom finally has the green light to return to normal activities. What the hell does that mean?

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SHOULD SHE MARRY AN "EX-JUNKIE"? A woman writes to Slate's Dear Prudence column to ask if she should leave her fiance who just got busted in a drug sweep. Tom will help you with that, sweetie!

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IS IT A GOOD IDEA TO INCLUDE THAT YOU'RE A 'MOTHER OF THREE" ON YOUR RESUME? Tom doesn't. Find out why! (The Wokesters would LOVE to hear this episode, but it's only for PAYING customers!)<--break->

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