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HOLLYWOOD IS ON STRIKE Tom's dad was a union leader. And Tom was once a SAG-AFTRA member. Should we all be up in arms about these strikes? Find out about the outrageous phone calls Tom once got from union guy Casey Kasem (fucking ponderous, man)!


SHOULD THIS REDDITOR HAVE GIVEN UP HIS BUS SEAT TO A PREGNANT PASSENGER? This bus rider felt that he was entitled to that seat after a long, hard day at work. Was he?

AITA for not giving up my seat to a pregnant woman?


THE EFFECTS OF 101: 25% OF 40-YEAR-OLDS HAVE NEVER BEEN MARRIED Your Professor's longtime advice is taking hold among Americans. Is there something wrong with that?

A record-high share of 40-year-olds in the U.S. have never been married


WHOSE FAULT IS THIS? This single mother of three lives in a one-bedroom apartment with her baby living "in a tent." Do you feel her pain?

I’m a mom of three living in a one-bedroom apartment — my baby sleeps in a tent


TILL DEATH DO US PART...OR UNTIL YOU BECOME AN INCONVENIENCE Her husband's brain aneurysm "turned him into a different person." So she left him!

My husband got an aneurysm and became a different person, so I divorced him


HAVE YOU LOST SLEEP OVER THE MISSING SUBMARINE? News outlets have been obsessed with the submarine that purported to take paying customers to the site of the Titanic. Have you?

Missing Titanic Submersible Search Focuses on Area Where Underwater Noises Were Heard

What happened to the missing Titanic sub? Our reporter who rode on vessel explains possible scenarios


MIDDLEMEN: A SURPRISE FACTOR IN INFLATION so many people complain about inflation, yet they jump right in and support the interlopers who are largely behind it!


ARE YOU PREPARED FOR THE COMING RECESSION? Tom is. Hear what he's doing to batten down the hatches.

I thought I'd earn more by keeping my money in the stock market than a savings account, but I couldn't have been more wrong