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DID THIS COVID-19 PANDEMIC SAVE TOM'S LIFE? Hear a major revelation from Tom. While others are whining about not being able to go out and get a beer or see a game, Tom is actually thankful for what this pandemic has brought his way.

This is the book Tom talks about in this episode.

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NASDAQ CONTINUES TO PLUMMET along with tech darlings such as Tesla and Apple, as Tom has been warning you. Did you take his warnings seriously? What happens next as Fall begins? Find out!

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The battle over who is going to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the US Supreme Court is already beginning, as you can see in this piece in the Washington Post. Tom says this will affect the stock market.

This guy doesn't agree with Tom about everything (gold) but his article has got a lot of useful insights.

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WHO KILLED RADIO? It's a question that's been on Tom's mind for years. So he went out and got radio's preeminent consultant, Lee Abrams, to sit down and give his perspective. Lee has "designed" over 1,000 radio stations and was the mastermind behind the launch of XM Satellite Radio.

<--break-><--break-><--break->Click here to catch up with Lee Abrams on his website.

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SHOULD THE HOMELESS HAVE TO USE A POOR DOOR? nearly 100 homeless men being housed at New York City's La Guardia Airport Marriott, purportedly had to use a “poor door” in the back rather than entering through the lobby. Bartender Geraldo Rodriquez told the New York Post, “They said it was the employee entrance,” he said. “I felt so ashamed.” But, should we care?

From The New York Post: Homeless must use back door at La Guardia Marriott

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THE PSYCHOLOGY OF MONEY Tom talks to blogger Morgan Housel, who has written a brilliant book that explains his sensible perspective on the difference between "getting rich" and accumulating wealth. Do you know the difference? If you're trying to be a successful investor, you need this perspective.

Here is the Wall Street Journal piece that first brought Morgan Housel to Tom's attention: Do You Know the Difference Between Being Rich and Being Wealthy?

Get a copy of Morgan's book, The Psychology of Money.

Get a look at Morgan Housel's blog.

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TOM WARNED YOU THIS WAS COMING The stock market continues its decline. Dow Jones average down 5.45% in just five days. NASDAQ down 8.45% in just a week. Apple down almost 16% in just six days.  And Tesla down a whopping 21.06% in a single day. Did you follow Tom's stock market advice? Or did you stubbornly stay in?

The Nasdaq just marked the fastest 10% plunge in history–again

Tesla falls 21%, worst single-day loss in its history

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GOODBYE TRUMPTARDS! Tom decided not only to block Donald Trump supporters from his social media pages, but from his life. Have you done this? Hear about Tom's experience saying goodbye to friends he's known for decades as well as many with whom he has worked.

Here is what Tom posted on The Tom Leykis Show Facebook page about Trump supporters and the response to it

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TALK RADIO'S AL RANTEL ON TRUMP AND HITLER When Tom recently posted on social media that he was blocking all Donald Trump supporters, he also compared Trump to Adolf Hitler. That was when longtime KABC radio and Miami, FL talk show host  Al Rantel stepped in. Was that a fair comparison? Hear what Al thinks and hear how Tom responds! Also, learn who told Tom, "Don't attack Trump!"

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ARE DOLLAR STORES "KILLING AMERICA"? Local grocery stores are blaming their hard times on the proliferation of dollar stores such as Dollar Tree and Dollar General. Professor Barry Popkin, professor of nutrition at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, says to the various dollar stores, "'Shame on you. You're killing America just so you can get richer." Listen and decide if you agree!<--break->

Here's the original article that got Tom so hyped up.

"Food desert" as defined by Wikipedia.

From CBSnews.com: Dollar stores and food deserts.

From the Atlanta Journal-ConstitutionOPINION: Are dollar stores the problem or the symptom of larger issue?

What do they sell at dollar stores? Take a gander at Dollar General's website!

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BLACK LIVES DO MATTER BUT SPORTS BOYCOTTS DON'T So many tragic, unjustified deaths of African American men. So many Americans justifiably angry. From Olympic athletes John Carlos and Tommie Smith to Colin Kaepernick to today's Dodgers and Milwaukee Bucks, we have seen all kinds of protests against these injustices. But, in the end, are the people who could change things paying attention?

Tommie Smith At The 1968 Olympic Games In Mexico City

Click here to learn about the historic Olympic protest of John Carlos and Tommie Smith.

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