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Tom Talks

AMERICA AIN'T WHAT IT USED TO BE Tom enjoyed a great 4th of July weekend. Good hot weather. Some laps in the pool. Incredible baby back ribs in the smoker. Except for when, stupidly, he turned on CNN's 4th of July special. Things then took a turn for the worse!

COVID-19 IS NOW SPIKING ALL OVER THE COUNTRY Are you sad? Tom isn't as sad as you'd expect! Find out why.

Leykis 101

KEEP 'EM OUT As this COVID-19 era continues to grind on, Your Professor continues to hear from women of his past and they're getting even more desperate to move in! You wouldn't believe some of the things these chicks have been doing!

WHAT"S TOM DOING NEXT WITH HIS INVESTMENTS? New COVID-19 cases and deaths have spiked ever since states have begun campaigns to "reopen" their economies. What does this mean for your IRA? Your 401(k)? And any other investments? Find out what Tom JUST DID.

Tom Talks

TOM'S LIFE UNDER COVID-19 Change of pace. Tom takes it outside, under the big, old oak tree, to talk about how life under lockdown has changed him. Find out how he feels about the return of live sports, the reopening of bars and restaurants, and how this quiet period at home could change him forever.

COFFEE WITH A BLACK GUY After all the upheaval of the last few weeks since the murder of George Floyd, isn't it time for a calm and rational conversation about race? Hear how Coffee With A Black Guy founder James Joyce is bringing his brand of dialogue right to your community, right when we need it most.