Past Shows

WOKE CULTURE: HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? Tom talks to best-selling author, James Lindsay. Math PhD. who calls himself the "World's best Woke interpreter". Woke culture and cancel culture: what does this all mean?

DID A POPULAR LA RADIO PERSONALITY REFER TO BLACK BABIES AS "PORCH MONKEYS"? YES says former LA radio personality Joshua Escandon. Josh says he wants "to be a champion of civil rights" and he's talking. Was Josh blackballed from radio because of a "gay mafia"?

THE DISCONNECT BETWEEN REAL LIFE AND THE STOCK MARKET City streets across America are full of homeless people and their tents, cardboard boxes, and used syringes. People are lining up for COVID-19 tests or free food. Yet the stock market continues to advance. What's going on? And what will Tom do next?

Tom Talks

"I DON'T CARE" Three of the major team sports have resumed play here in the US. Tom is having a hard time getting excited about that.

HERMAN CAIN: "YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW" Herman Cain, the one-time Republican candidate for president, has died following his mask-free visit to Donald Trump's recent campaign visit to Tulsa. Are you sad? Tom's not!

Leykis 101

WHY IS SHE STILL THERE? COVID-19 has been cited as a cause for a surge in divorces. Why haven't you given her the boot yet?