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ARE DOLLAR STORES "KILLING AMERICA"? Local grocery stores are blaming their hard times on the proliferation of dollar stores such as Dollar Tree and Dollar General. Professor Barry Popkin, professor of nutrition at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, says to the various dollar stores, "'Shame on you. You're killing America just so you can get richer." Listen and decide if you agree!<--break->

Here's the original article that got Tom so hyped up.

"Food desert" as defined by Wikipedia.

From CBSnews.com: Dollar stores and food deserts.

From the Atlanta Journal-ConstitutionOPINION: Are dollar stores the problem or the symptom of larger issue?

What do they sell at dollar stores? Take a gander at Dollar General's website!

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BLACK LIVES DO MATTER BUT SPORTS BOYCOTTS DON'T So many tragic, unjustified deaths of African American men. So many Americans justifiably angry. From Olympic athletes John Carlos and Tommie Smith to Colin Kaepernick to today's Dodgers and Milwaukee Bucks, we have seen all kinds of protests against these injustices. But, in the end, are the people who could change things paying attention?

Tommie Smith At The 1968 Olympic Games In Mexico City

Click here to learn about the historic Olympic protest of John Carlos and Tommie Smith.

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YELLOW PAD PANDEMIC You've heard Tom talk about taking a Yellow Pad Weekend. Before the advent of COVID-19, listener Bill from Arizona wrote and asked for a refresher course. But it occurred to Tom that a lockdown is a perfect time for some quality introspection. Here is your once-in-a-lifetime chance to step things up. Will you be a whole new person when this pandemic cloud lifts?

Learn all about the Yellow Pad Weekend in this episode from 2015.

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THINGS I GAVE UP: NEIGHBORS First episode in a series about things Tom sacrificed to get ahead, or after he attained success. Would you give these things up if you knew it was a part of being successful?

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BLACK WINES MATTER This year's news events involving George Floyd have brought attention to America's Black-owned businesses, and there are more Black-owned wineries than you think. In this episode, Tom talks to Livermore Valley vintner Phil Long of Longevity Wines and President of the Association of African American Vintners (AAAV).<--break->

Here's the article that brought Phil Long to Tom's attention.

Click here if you'd like to show your support and enjoy some great wines from Longevity.

Click here for a list of Black wineries you can support who are members of AAAV.


"BUT I LOVED HIM!" Tom talks about how, during this COVID-19 pandemic, the media continue to present stories that attempt to make us feel sorry for people who did it to themselves.

Here's the Washington Post story that got Tom so riled up in the first place.

Get the Washington Post for as little as $29. Tom reads it every day to prepare for his episodes.

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WHY THIS PANDEMIC IS A GIFT Most people see the current global COVID-19 crisis as a disaster and a major inconvenience. Tom has found ways to see it differently.

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WOKE CULTURE: HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? Tom talks to best-selling author, James Lindsay. Math PhD. who calls himself the "World's best Woke interpreter". Woke culture and cancel culture: what does this all mean?

Get a copy of James's book, written with Helen Pluckrose, Cynical Theories: How Activist Scholarship Made Everything about Race, Gender, and Identity―and Why This Harms Everybody

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Visit James Lindsay's website by clicking here.

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DID A POPULAR LA RADIO PERSONALITY REFER TO BLACK BABIES AS "PORCH MONKEYS"? YES says former LA radio personality Joshua Escandon. Josh says he wants "to be a champion of civil rights" and he's talking. Was Josh blackballed from radio because of a "gay mafia"?

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THE DISCONNECT BETWEEN REAL LIFE AND THE STOCK MARKET City streets across America are full of homeless people and their tents, cardboard boxes, and used syringes. People are lining up for COVID-19 tests or free food. Yet the stock market continues to advance. What's going on? And what will Tom do next?

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