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FAT BUT FAT Tom says that American gals keep trying to justify being lazy and eating like pigs. And, he says, women's media keep reinforcing this "fat but fit" myth.

Cosmopolitan magazine wants the gals in line in the supermarket to eat, eat, EAT!

Row over new plus-size Cosmopolitan cover as magazine is accused of 'glamourising obesity' during the coronavirus crisis - but model says 'health is whatever you want to call it' 

'Fat but fit' is a myth when it comes to heart health, new study shows

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NEW PRESIDENT, NEW MONEY PLANS Now that we know for certain who the president is as well as some of his plans for the future, Tom is adjusting his portfolio accordingly. Also, Tom adds an exciting new mutual fund to his holdings.

Learn about Tom's latest fave mutual fund.

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TRUMP IS HISTORY. NOW WHAT? Tom talks about how we will fill the big void that departing loser Donald Trump leaves behind and about what's next.

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DID AMERICA'S BIG COMPANIES FUND THE ATTACK ON OUR CAPITOL? Journalist David Sirota sits in with Tom to tell us what he knows.

The Giant Corporate Giant Slush Fund Bankrolling the Extremist GOP

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#UNFIT: THE PSYCHOLOGY OF DONALD TRUMP  Who is this guy? What can psychology professionals and the people who've worked with Trump tell us? Documentarian Dan Partland tells Tom all about his film and its subjects.

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TRUMP DOUBLEHEADER It's never happened before in history: a US president impeached twice. How do we isolate and dispose of the morons who still support him?

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NATION OF STUPIDS How did we get here: our country facing a violent insurrection and attempted overthrow? It's not just Donald Trump. Tom says that you and he have played a major part too.

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ARE WE TOO PARANOID ABOUT COVID HYGIENE? Tom talks to Dr. Emanuel Goldman, a microbiology professor at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School who says that our fear about contracting COVID-19 from surfaces is all wrong!

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LAW AND ORDER? Your President LOVES to talk about "law and order" but what happened at the US Capitol was anything but. What do we do now about the Trump supporters and the Trump enablers? How about the criminals who broke into the Capitol?

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THANKS TO COVID-19! Tom shreds New Year's resolutions and tells you what you really need to be doing for yourself in 2021.

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