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TOM GETS INTO IT WITH RACIST AND TRUMP-SUPPORTING NEIGHBORS Tom needed some brush clearance at the ranch. But all it took was one post on a local Facebook page looking for a new rancher with a herd of cattle that needs to graze. Tom just had a few simple rules that person would have to follow. Then, all hell broke loose!<--break->

Here is Tom's Facebook post:


WARNING: if you're a Trump supporter or a racist, you might want to skip this episode rather than crying about it here later. You've been warned.

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TOM'S CONFLICTED FEELINGS ABOUT COVID-19 VICTIMS Tom's in his fourth month of sheltering-in-place as Donald Trump's "reopening of America" begins. As cases spike all over America, Tom deals with his conflicted feelings about the situation. Is it so wrong to be happy about the way things are going for some?

  • Arkansas (cases up 113 percent in two weeks, positive test rate increasing, current hospitalizations up from 64 on May 10 to 181 on June 10)
  • Florida (cases up 87 percent in two weeks, positive test rate increasing, the state does not report current hospitalizations)
  • North Carolina (cases up 62 percent in two weeks, positive test rate increasing, current hospitalizations up from 442 on May 10 to 780 on June 10)
  • South Carolina (cases up 93 percent in two weeks, positive test rate increasing, the state does not routinely report current hospitalizations but there was a reported recent spike)
  • Texas (cases up 53 percent in two weeks, positive test rate increasing, current hospitalizations up from 1,626 on May 10 to 2,153 on June 10)
  • Utah (cases up 126 percent in two weeks, positive test rate increasing, current hospitalizations up from 93 on May 10 to 130 on June 10)

The White House, as usual, is in denial about what's going on.

CDC predicts 130,000 US coronavirus deaths by July 4, with more new cases as states reopen

Trump Supporters Must Waive Right to Sue Over Virus to Attend Rally

How New York’s Coronavirus Response Made the Pandemic Worse

Houston on ‘Precipice of Disaster’ With Virus Cases Spreading

As businesses reopen, beware of COVID-19 surcharges

Texas Shatters Record For New Coronavirus Cases

Alabama COVID-19 Hospitalizations Hit Record High

Alarming rise in virus cases as states roll back lockdowns

Coronavirus Live Update

Current number of US COVID-19 cases and deaths


AT LEAST ONE LISTENER DIDN'T COMPLETELY GET TOM'S POINT ABOUT INVESTING AND THE PANDEMIC in our last episode. Now, his question is a good one. Listen and find out what he (and maybe you) didn't understand.

JohninLA wrote, "As a long time listener, if I understood you correctly, you regretted selling your positions after the 87 crash. Thereafter, you've taken a disciplined approach of dollar cost averaging into the market. So why are you deviating from your discipline, and selling your riskier assets? You may be repeating the same mistake you made in 87. You're making a lot of assumptions about there being a 2nd surge of Covid cases, and about the riots lasting all summer long. What if you're wrong? What happens if S&P 3000 is the new bottom?"

Here is the previous episode in which Tom talks about what he'll be doing in the stock market and in his life due to COVID-19.

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WHAT DO WE DO WITH OUR MONEY NOW? The S&P 500 is now up over 38% since the low of March 23rd. Do we go with the flow? What will happen to the economy next? We're "reopening", aren't we? Will the stimulus payments and extended unemployment continue?  Tom's made so many accurate predictions in the past. You can't afford to miss this episode!<--break->

‘You should be nervous!’—legendary money manager slashes stock market exposure from 55% to 25%

Don't Get Too Comfortable: The Next Wave Is Coming

S&P 500 index since March 23, 2020

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YOU THINK THIS IS BAD? The civil unrest we saw across the country on the night of May 30th was heartbreaking. After that, in comes the National Guard! Is that the end of it, or is it only the beginning?


This time of social unrest makes it a great time to look back at this Nipsey Hussle track from 2016.

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WHO KILLED KROQ? Long one of the most popular Southern California radio stations and one of the most musically influential stations in the country, KROQ has now fallen off a cliff, having dropped to 29th place in the LA ratings. Shirley Halperin, Executive Editor of Music at Variety brings her music industry expertise to help Tom try to solve this radio mystery.

Here is Shirley Halperin's recent piece in VarietyIt’s the End of the World Famous KROQ as We Know It

Click here for Shirley's 2012 Hollywood Reporter interview with Tom.

Who do you think killed KROQ? Tell Tom what you think: tom@blowmeuptom.com.


THE GRIM REAPER RETURNS...WITH COVID-19 BODY BAGS! You may recall this episode's guest from his previous appearance...when he roamed Florida beaches dressed as The Grim Reaper. Attorney/activist Daniel Uhlfelder returns to the beach...with COVID-19 body bags! Find out what happened and why he's so determined! 

Ted Cruz doesn’t want people shamed with body bags for going to beach: ‘Please stop the hate’

Daniel Uhlfelder's Twitter.

Here's how you can support Daniel's cause.

Do you agree with Daniel, or not? Write Tom here: tom@blowmeuptom.com.





SHOULD COVID-19 MEAN THE END OF EATING MEAT? That's what author Jonathan Safran Foer wrote in a New York Times opinion piece.  Will Tom go along? Find out!

Here is The New York Times opinion piece that got Tom all fired up in the first place.

Should we stop eating meat now? Tell Tom: tom@blowmeuptom.com.


A LONGTIME CALLER AND FOLLOWER TELLS HIS AMAZING SUCCESS STORY John from Austin's journey began years ago when he was in a miserable marriage and financial trouble with an impressionable son, Cole. Find out where they are now thanks to listening to the advice of Your Professor.

Here is John's Email to Tom:

Here is John's newest credit score.

John finally paid off his car note. Look!

And he also completely paid off his Visa card balance!