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LEYKIS 101 do you have any idea who you're boning? You may think you do, but now, hear the story of a chick who faked her way through dozens of guys, getting them to pay up in various ways, according to her own daughter! Also, DNA horror stories!

Here's the article to which Tom refers in this episode.

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WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED? How did an amazing sellout evening with 40 of Tom's biggest fans turn into this? One thing's for sure: if we ever do another dinner, you'll want to be there to see what happens next!

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MONEY Is it a good idea to run a balance or pay a credit card late so you'll incur interest and therefore, hopefully, raise your credit score? Is peer-to-peer lending a good business model? Is it a good idea to have multiple IRA accounts in various banks and investment firms? Tom answers your email and brings you answers.

Here is the article Tom referred to regarding trying to build your credit by letting the balance ride: Millions of Americans Make a Costly Mistake When Paying Credit Card Bills.

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LEYKIS 101 why do people keep telling men that marriage is good for them? Is getting married and having kids a better decision? And what happens to your friends when chicks come in and start to run your boys' lives? Your Professor weighs in!

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HARVEY WEINSTEIN: NOT GUILTY? Tom talks to men's rights advocate Paul Elam of A Voice For Men. He'll tell us why he believes that disgraced former Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein is not guilty! Why convicted felon Bill Cosby was railroaded! And, hear why Paul believes that the #MeToo movement has damaged American men.

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ARE UNMARRIED GUYS AS HAPPY AS YOUR MOM SAYS? Science proves Your Professor right once again. Apparently, unmarried guys aren't as pathetic as women's magazines and TV shows make us out to be. But the blogger Tom talks about here still uses outrageously offensive language to describe those of us smart enough not to sign the papers.

This is the piece Tom is talking about.

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MONEY A benefit of Costco you've probably never used and that you may not even know about, Tom officially reaches an investing milestone, email from a listener who wants you to know what "fiduciary responsibilities" are, questions answered about 401(k)s and IRAs.

Links Tom refers to on this episode:

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"IT'S TOO SOON TO TALK ABOUT IT, TOM!" Oh really? Why was Borderline shooter Ian David Long allowed to move freely among those of us who don't have mental health problems? How was a guy with a history of police intervention able to purchase a Glock? And what are we going to do about it?

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LEYKIS 101 what is "ring shaming"? 

This story in the New York Post pretty much spells it out. Has it ever been done to you? And what does it represent about other things your girl does to you? Find out on this episode of Leykis 101. And send your Leykis 101 questions and comments for future episodes here: tom@blowmeuptom.com.


FEAR OF FAILURE are you afraid to leave your comfort zone? Turn out the lights, sit back and enjoy your favorite glass of wine (Tom did! See below.) and hear why failure is a good thing!


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