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TOM'S THOUGHTS ON RUSH LIMBAUGH'S DEATH Like his father's death, the death of Rush Limbaugh brings Tom complicated feelings.

Tom interviews Rush Limbaugh in his LA studio over 30 years ago.


Rush Limbaugh's appearance on the Pat Sajak Show the night Tom introduced him for the first time to a live LA audience at a watch party at a downtown LA hotel on March 30, 1990.


Don't get too nostalgic about old media



VALENTINE'S DAY THOUGHTS Your Professor didn't forget you for Valentine's Day, though this episode will have value to you long after this wretched day has ended! There are so many ways to feel better about yourself!

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CAN Q-ANON FOLLOWERS ESCAPE FROM THIS CULT? Lenka Perron did! An intelligent, articulate woman with a Masters Degree who got sucked into the vortex of conspiracy theories such as those that fueled the January 6th insurrection, tells Tom how she got out of that black hole and what it's like to be in it!

From The New York Times: ‘Trump Just Used Us and Our Fear’: One Woman’s Journey Out of QAnon
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"CONGRATS TOM FOR RUINING FAMILIES" A longtime listener blames Tom and Leykis 101 for "ruining" her family. Did he?

The original post on Facebook.

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COUNTRY SINGER CAUGHT ON TAPE USING THE N-WORD Super hot country music performer, Morgan Wallen, previously bumped from Saturday NIght Live for being caught on video at a superspreader event, is caught again on video calling someone the n-word. Why is everyone acting so shocked?

Country music artist Morgan Wallen

See the TMZ video in which Morgan Wallen makes his comment.

From VarietyCountry Radio Quickly Removing Morgan Wallen From Playlists After Racial Slur

From NBC News: Country music star Morgan Wallen caught on video using N-word; label suspends his contract

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WHERE WOULD YOU BE? Imagine if you hadn't wasted your money on women? On having babies? On buying a house or even pets you never wanted and couldn't afford? On responsibilities you now can't afford?

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WHAT'S THE DEAL WITH GAMESTOP? Tom asks Michael Moe, founder and CEO of GSV Holdings, who has investments in companies such as Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, Snap, Lyft, and Spotify. Should you go anywhere near GameStopAMC Holdings, or any short squeezes?

Check out Michael Moe's book Finding the Next Starbucks: How to Identify and Invest in the Hot Stocks of Tomorrow

Also check out Michael Moe's The Global Silicon Valley Handbook

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IS "QANON SHAMAN" AN INSURRECTIONIST OR A VICTIM? Meet his attorney Albert Watkins of St. Louis and get an idea of his surprising upcoming defense of his client, Jake Chansley, who failed to get a pardon from outgoing former president Donald Trump.

QAnon Shaman, also known as Jake Angeli or Jake Chansley, at the US Capitol insurrection on January 6th.

Arizona 'QAnon Shaman' Faces New Charges In U.S. Capitol Riots

St. Louis lawyer Albert Watkins says Trump's failure to pardon accused Capitol rioters is a 'betrayal'

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