Money Monday

Money Monday

Hour 1: What have you learned from all of these high profile men being accused of sexual misconduct? Hour 2: More on sexual misconduct. Hour 3: Money Monday.


HOur 1: Is marriage like prostitution? Hour 2: Tom wants the show to return in 2018, but will it? Hour 3: Money Monday.


Hour 1: Why care about Prince Phillip getting engaged? Hour 2: More opinions about another royal wedding. 3: Money Monday. Plus, Tom and Gary preview this year's Holiday Party From Hell.


Hour 1: Famed attorney Gloria Allred joins Tom to discuss the recent glut of sexual harassment allegations. Hour 2: What are you doing for Thanksgiving? Hour 3: Money Monday.


Hour 1: Tom, Gary and Dino recap this past weekend trip to Napa Valley and a bunch of other topics. And a question arose about Rodney. Hour 2: Should Rodney be welcomed to the Holiday Party from Hell? Hour 3: Money Monday.


Hour 1: We as American will do nothing about mass shootings like the one this weekend in Texas because we don't want to. Hour 2:NFL player protests have led Vin Scully to declare he won't watch the NFL anymore. Hour 3: Money Monday.


Hour 1: Famed attorney Kendall Coffey joins Tom to discuss the details surrounding people near Trump who've had charges placed against them. Hour 2: Tom gives details about the accusations levied against Kevin Spacey. Hour 3: Money Monday.


Hour 1: Would buy World Series tickets if you could? Hour 2: More on whether or not the price of World Series tickets is worth it. Hour 3: Money Monday.


Hour 1: Today's show is entirely devoted to Money Monday. Hour 2: Money Monday.


Hour 1: A video of now former OL coach for the Miami Dolphins, Chris Foerester shows him snorting a white substance while seemingly talking to a woman other than his wife. Hour 2: Tom gives examples as to why he won't return to traditional broadcasting. Hour 3: Money Monday.