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WHY MEN SHOULDN'T EVER PAY FOR A FIRST DATE It all started as a debate on Twitter between Your Professor and a woman in Austin, TX whose advice to men was, "If you want to go on a 2nd date with a girl pay for the first date" because "you have no idea how often I hear this complaint from my girlfriends." In this class, Your Professor tell you why this idea is all wrong based on some of his own personal experiences.

Here is the thread on Twitter that started it all.

Here is the book that ruined Tom's cruise.

Here is the article that showed the results of the scientific study on "foodie calls".

Here is Tom's previous interview with Dr. Brian Collisson, the Azusa Pacific University professor and co-author of the study on women who date men specifically to get that free meal.

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ARE YOU READY FOR THE 2020 RECESSION? Time to get ready! Tom to the rescue with a list of tips and tricks to cut costs and get ready for the upcoming sluggish economy...whenever it gets here!

Here's the Wall Street Journal article that started it all.

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WHAT IF YOUR WILDEST FANTASY TURNED INTO YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE? That's what happened to a friend of Tom's, a Howard Stern listener who lived vicariously through Howard's show. Find out what it's like to live your dream...and then to pay the price!

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HE MOVED IN THE ADDICT GIRLFRIEND AND ANOTHER MAN'S BABY He's doing well with his career and with his investments. Now, he's asking Reddit if it's okay to insist that she sign a "cohabitation agreement" and he's getting hammered! You can only imagine what Your Professor thinks!

This story from the London Daily Mail lays it out for you.

Here is the original Reddit post.

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FORTUNE 500 CEO VIOLATES LEYKIS 101 TENET; GETS YANKED "Don't fish off the company pier" is one of the bedrock tenets of Leykis 101, going back to its beginnings in 1998. A Fortune 500 CEO learned this the hard way when he got fired for dating a subordinate. Hear how it happened and find out what this means for you at work!

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FORMER MAJOR LEAGUER SHOWS US WHY ADDICTS DON'T DESERVE SECOND CHANCES Josh Hamilton, who formerly played with the Angels and who had two tours with the Texas Rangers, is now accused of throwing a full bottle of water at his teenage daughter, then grabbing the chair on which she was sitting out from under her and throwing it at her. He has a history of crack addiction and alcoholism, and has received a number of second chances. Find out what this tells us about him and what it means for you and the addicts in your life.

Here's the latest Josh Hamilton story from the Dallas Morning News.

This 2013 story from the Los Angeles Times when the Angels signed Josh Hamilton tells you all about Hamilton's past, a story that maybe the Angels should have taken as a warning.

From Heavy.com: Josh Hamilton Shares Four Daughters With Ex-Wife Katie Chadwick.

From NBC 5/Dallas: Josh Hamilton Arrested, Accused of Felony Injury to a Child

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IT'S BEEN A YEAR! Tom looks back on what life has been like doing a podcast instead of a live stream or a live radio call-in show, talks about what he's loving about it and what he misses, and he looks ahead at what might be in store for the future. (Aren't you curious?)

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"MY BOSS DOESN'T APPRECIATE ME!" Why DOESN'T your boss appreciate you? What will it take to make him love you? Why don't you get the reassurance and the encouragement you feel you need? Tom has plenty of experience in this area! Find out who is the only person who can tell you when you've done a great job. (It's not who you think!) Find out also why your career is stuck in neutral and how to get it into overdrive!


FINDING INSPIRATION IN A BRUTAL MURDER Tom believes that 60s actor and TV's Tarzan, Ron Ely, could have prevented his son's bloody murder of his wife...by kicking him out of the house before age 30. Are you an enabler or a dysfunctional person who tolerates addicts or the super-depressed in your life? Tom has solutions to these problems that many people won't like, but you might!

Here is the Washington Post column telling you why "you should learn how to use" Narcan.

Here is a look at Ron Ely's home. This is where a brutal murderer was living before he butchered his own mother.

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NOT AFRAID OF BURNING IN HELL Ron Reagan Jr. tells the story of how his 5-year-old commercial proclaiming his atheism appeared in a CNN Democratic debate and suddenly catapulted him to the top position in Google searches. Tom and Ron talk about atheism, separation of church and state, why Ron thinks Trump's actions in the Middle East constitute a "clusterfuck" and more!

Here's the New York Post's take on Ron Reagan's atheism commercial.

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Here's the commercial that caused all the fuss: