Apr 26th, 2024 | Tom Talks

A PREVIEW OF WHAT WE'LL BE DOING THE LAST FEW EPISODES Aren't you curious? Also, Tom has a request for our final weeks.



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thanks tom..

Submitted by masterautotech on

i can get the wine but i bet its great.

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Ive been a listener & fan since 1998. We will miss you and we hope this won't be the last time we will hear from you. Thank you for everything. I will pass all your words of wisdom to my son


Submitted by victorjm on

I signed in today and what the heck. Why? Are you dying? You've been in my life for more than two decades. You made it that I could see people without pretense, seeing it as it is and it really cleared things up. You taught what should be valued, things I didn't think of. Jeez, Tom, your voice is comforting and guiding to me. I'll wait to listen to what's this about, but I'm just having a strong reaction at the moment.

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I think we'll all really miss your powerful guiding words! Do you still intend to keep in contact with your listeners through email? I was also wondering if you might do any future audio recordings through a medium such as youtube. I remember from your show there was unfinished business with stories you wanted to fill us in with but were waiting for certain people to pass on.
Leykis 101 forever!

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My most favorite shows on the internet stream were the ones with you and Gary/Dino shooting the shit and chatting, I would LOVE to hear you guys just open the mics and chat! It would be AMAZING! Thank you for all of the years and the advice that I have lived 100%!