Health and Lifestyle

Health and Lifestyle

HEALTH COMMENTARY FROM THE FORMER "SNOT MACHINE" Tom continues to find health benefits he didn't even expect from his forever nutrition program.


WAYS WE'RE TRICKED INTO THINKING WE'RE EATING HEALTHIER America has the best advertising and marketing in the world. Much of it is designed to make us feel deficient in some way with advertised products serving as the solutions we didn't know we needed. How is this done? Tom fills you in.

How Many People Have Gluten Sensitivity?

What Is The Beyond Burger—And Is It Healthy? Nutritionists Weigh In

Is Subway Healthy? A Nutritionist Settles the Debate



52 POUNDS DOWN Now that Tom has lost so much weight, beyond listeners and followers, his friends are asking him how he's doing it. They're disappointed at the answer!

The new Tom Leykis.

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ANSWERS TO YOUR QUESTIONS Tom's health journey began very quietly. It's not to sell products or to be an influencer. So when he started to finally talk about it, a torrent of emails and social media posts followed. Here, Tom answers some of your questions.

<--break->The Untold Truth Of McDonald's Fries

Go to Tom's Instagram page and see photos of the actual foods he's made from scratch with real, healthy ingredients. Stuff you could be making!

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HOW IS TOM LOSING WEIGHT AND KEEPING IT OFF? He's down 47 pounds. He now has a normal heart rate. Practically normal blood pressure. Yet, he posts photos of some of the most delicious-looking food on social media. How does he do this? Find out!

Ultra-processed foods now account for two-thirds of calories in the diets of children and teens

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