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ARE YOU CONSIDERED "UPPER CLASS"? The numbers are in. In this episode, Tom talks about what it takes to be considered "upper class" and what it'll take for you to get there!

Here is the article to which Tom refers in this episode.

What income level are you in? Find out with this handy calculator.

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ONCE AGAIN, SCIENCE PROVES YOUR PROFESSOR HAS BEEN RIGHT ALL ALONG You think that your girl "loves" you or that she thinks you're a "stud", and because of this, you're thinking about giving her what she wants: a wedding ring. But a recent study proves that your girl doesn't want to marry you because you're "so cute" or "such a great guy". She's looking for a different kind of compatibility that's anything but "romantic".

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Here are the details about the study Tom cites in this episode.

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DIRECT FROM FACEBOOK JAIL! Tom's been a bad boy again, apparently. And so he's begun a 30-day suspension from Facebook. Find out exactly what Tom said to earn this suspension. Also, get new insight as to why our podcast lives behind a paywall. Why can't Tom be found on iTunes? Why no YouTube channel? Why no live video on Instagram or Periscope? All of your questions are answered here!

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SERENA WILLIAMS LOSES AGAIN! WHAT DOES THIS MEAN TO YOU? A lot! What can you learn from Serena's recent professional failure after so much success? What should you change about yourself to make sure something like this doesn't happen to you? Listen as Tom fills you in.

Read about the former AOL executive who retired at 52 and then realized what he had done wrong!

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SURVEY OF "SINGLE" AMERICANS: ARE WE NUTS? Match.com has released their 9th annual Single in America survey of some 50,000 unmarried Americans about their fears, hopes, and problems with dating. Yikes! Your Professor has a lot to say in this extra-long Leykis 101 classroom session.

Here are the results of Match.com's annual Singles in America survey.

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HOW MUCH ARE AMERICANS SPENDING ON A SINGLE DATE? On average, $226.35 in California. $297.27 in New York State. And an average of $1,596 on dates per year! Hear Your Professor's response as he goes completely ballistic!

Here's the study to which Tom refers in this episode.

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NOW WE KNOW WHAT REALLY HAPPENED TO ANGELS PITCHER TYLER SKAGGS Of course, our listeners pretty much knew the outcome of the Skaggs autopsy in an episode all the way back on July 18, 2019. And remember when a Santa Monica publication was blasted by Texas police and even the Angels themselves? They received so many threats for publishing a column rightly speculating that Skaggs did himself in with drugs, they scrubbed the column from their website! Tom wades right in!

Here's the story from the Los Angeles Times that came out moments after the Skaggs autopsy was released.

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WHAT A FILM! Tom doesn't claim to be a film critic, but he saw an amazing film that blew him away and he was so excited about it, he just had to tell you about it!

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POWERFUL MONEY INFORMATION RIGHT WHEN YOU NEED IT MOST the stock market has been a rough go recently, as Tom long ago predicted. Here is the information you need to survive trade wars and stormy seas, including a specific piece of information Tom has never provided before. For Tom, whose total dividends and interest will likely top $300,000 this year regardless of what happens in the market, it's the difference between making or losing money this year. This is exactly the kind of information our followers are paying for!

This is the powerful article to which Tom refers in this episode.

Here is the book that is Tom's bible for understanding all of the Wall Street terms you read and hear.

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HOW (AND WHY ) TO DECIDE WHICH FAMILY MEMBERS REALLY MATTER From Daytona Beach, FL, as Tom continues his Florida trip, he's had days on the beach to ruminate about family: the family who love us and the family who take us for granted and guilt trip us. ALSO, hear a special revelation about Tom's own life you've never heard before!

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