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ONCE AGAIN, GILLETTE TELLS ITS CUSTOMERS WHAT TO THINK It's one thing when a brand uses advertising to tell you to buy their products and why. But how do you feel when brands tell you how you should think and act? Once again, the marketing chief of Gillette thinks it's the job of conglomerates to take stands, even if they fly in the face of what customers who buy their products already think. Is this a good idea?

Take a look at the video Tom discusses in this episode.

Here is a story about the Gillette transgender video and the reaction to it.

Here is a story that includes comments from Gillette's North American brand director Pankaj Bhalla.

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IS TOM A MISOGYNIST? No, he says! Quite the contrary! Find out how Tom doesn't hate women, doesn't advocate abuse of any kind, and how in the #MeToo era, the ladies love to say that Tom is a woman-hater. But Tom says he's actually a feminist! Find out why!

Here's the Twitter thread that started this whole conversation.

Here's the profile to which Tom refers in which the Los Angeles Times asked if he's a misogynist.

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POOR THELMA SMITH After 30 years at the same address, 102-year-old Thelma Smith is being told to vacate her apartment because the landlord's daughter, a recent law school graduate, needs a place to live. Is that right? It's perfectly legal, but is the landlord doing the wrong thing to this sweet old lady?

Take a look at this story about 102-year-old Thelma Smith from CBS News.

Here's a story from the Los Angeles Times about the eviction of Thelma Smith that lays it all out.

Click here for another story from the Los Angeles Times about what social media are saying.

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LATE NIGHT TOM ON THE BEACH Light a candle. Grab some ice, pour your favorite beverage. Or, wrap yourself in your blanky for this very personal episode direct from an deserted stretch of beach. Tom will tell you all about where he is and why he's there.


MAKING YOUR VACATION PLANS? Why spend more than you have to? Tom's got you covered. Use his travel tricks with credit cards, rental cars, booking hotels, airfare, and more!

Click here to get that $25 credit Tom told you about when you book your first trip using Booking.com!

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CHRISTIAN MAJOR LEAGUE BALLPLAYER BOOTS HIS CHRISTIAN POP STAR WIFE ALLEGING "INAPPROPRIATE MARITAL CONDUCT" Chicago Cubs second baseman Ben Zobrist filed for divorce from his Christian pop star wife Julianna Zobrist contending that his wife "has been guilty of inappropriate marital conduct which renders further cohabitation impossible," which, we guess, means that he claims that she's been screwing around while Ben has been out there earning a massive paycheck, telling everyone what great Christians they are, and how you should be one too.  What does this teach us about marriage, "love" and religion? Here, Tom sets everything straight!

Click here for the video Tom talks about.

In this episode, Tom refers to this article about the Zobrists' pending divorce.

In this piece, Ben Zobrist refers to himself as a "missionary to baseball" before we all found out what was really going on at his house.

Click here to see how you can hire Julianna Zobrist to lecture your group about how "to express the joy and freedom of knowing that Christ gives them the strength to be bold, fearless, and confidently vulnerable knowing that you don’t have to measure up to what others think of you but rather, knowing your true strength can shine because of who you are in Christ." That is, when she isn't busy being accused of "inappropriate marital conduct".




ALL THE REASONS YOU SHOULDN'T "MENTOR" WOMEN AT WORK The people who would hate this episode will never hear it here behind the paywall. But YOU will love it. Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg completely disagrees with Tom!  Here's practical advice women will hate for men trying to navigate the #MeToo era. It's all here!

Here is the main article to which Tom refers in this episode.

Here are the results of a survey Sheryl Sandberg commissioned detailing men's reluctance to meet alone with, mentor, or travel with the women who work with them.

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HOW NOT TO BECOME JULIO URIAS Dodgers pitcher Julio Urias was arrested and charged with domestic battery after he allegedly "pushed a female companion to the ground" during an alleged argument in the parking structure at LA's Beverly Center. The woman denied that anything physical happened, but others insisted that the alleged incident had indeed happened and that there was video evidence to prove it.  But isn't this true? If he didn't bring a girlfriend to the mall, he wouldn't have spent the night in jail, right? Hear Tom's response to the Hashtag Lynch Mob that's coming after Your Professor for telling the truth, find out why this could be YOU and how to make sure this never happens to you!

Here's the original story Your Professor saw before posting his tweet.

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SEX STRIKE? Alyssa Milano has called for women to withhold sex following the passage of Georgia's so-called "heartbeat" bill, further tightening restrictions on abortion which was signed by Governor Brian Kemp on Tuesday, May 7th. The bill is scheduled to come into effect on January 1, 2020. Do you agree with this method of protest? Tom lays out his position.

Here's an article Tom used to prepare for this episode.

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UBER AND LYFT DRIVERS WENT OUT ON STRIKE: DO YOU CARE? They want higher wages and benefits. They're complaining about the costs of insurance and gas and vehicle maintenance. So some of them refused to come to work. Did it make any difference? Or do we just love cheap rides at any cost? Tom's dad was a union guy. His reaction may surprise you!

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