Tom Talks

Tom Talks

WHAT IF YOUR WILDEST FANTASY TURNED INTO YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE? That's what happened to a friend of Tom's, a Howard Stern listener who lived vicariously through Howard's show. Find out what it's like to live your dream...and then to pay the price!

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IT'S BEEN A YEAR! Tom looks back on what life has been like doing a podcast instead of a live stream or a live radio call-in show, talks about what he's loving about it and what he misses, and he looks ahead at what might be in store for the future. (Aren't you curious?)

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"MY BOSS DOESN'T APPRECIATE ME!" Why DOESN'T your boss appreciate you? What will it take to make him love you? Why don't you get the reassurance and the encouragement you feel you need? Tom has plenty of experience in this area! Find out who is the only person who can tell you when you've done a great job. (It's not who you think!) Find out also why your career is stuck in neutral and how to get it into overdrive!


FINDING INSPIRATION IN A BRUTAL MURDER Tom believes that 60s actor and TV's Tarzan, Ron Ely, could have prevented his son's bloody murder of his kicking him out of the house before age 30. Are you an enabler or a dysfunctional person who tolerates addicts or the super-depressed in your life? Tom has solutions to these problems that many people won't like, but you might!

Here is the Washington Post column telling you why "you should learn how to use" Narcan.

Here is a look at Ron Ely's home. This is where a brutal murderer was living before he butchered his own mother.

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OTHER PEOPLE'S RESPONSIBILITIES Join Tom in an episode direct from a ridge on his 20-acre compound. How many losers and deadbeats are you expected to support by family, friends and girlfriends or wives? Hear Tom look around at all the amazing things he was able to have by not taking on the responsibilities of others!

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HOW "WOKE" IS GEN Z REALLY? So-called Gen Zs are usually labeled as healthy, socially conscious, lovers of Bernie Sanders and socialism, haters of capitalism and big companies. Yet a list of this demographic group's "favorite brands" indicates that they're more like the adults of the 50s than they'd like to think. (Do they ever wonder from where KFC and Doritos are "sourced"?)

Here is the list of Gen Zs 100 favorite brands. Show us the social consciousness!

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Here are the health-oriented ingredients in a Butterfinger, the 83rd most-admired brand of "woke" Gen Zs:


WHY IS EVERYBODY SO BROKE? You hear it everywhere: people saying that they can't afford to go to college...they can't afford to buy a starter home...they can't afford to pay their bills. But with unemployment so low and the economy doing well, how can that possibly be? Tom knows. Click and listen...if you can handle the truth! Another extra-long episode!

Here is the story that Tom referenced on this episode.

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PEOPLE IN LOVE WITH ALCOHOLICS AND DRUG ADDICTS  Are you one of them? Years ago, Tom was! Hear how Tom put himself in this position and how he got himself out of it. Find out what this means for you and what you need to do today!

Hear the original episode where this conversation began.

This book Tom references in this episode was written for parents, but it could very well apply to your relationships with anyone with a chemical addiction.

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DIRECT FROM FACEBOOK JAIL! Tom's been a bad boy again, apparently. And so he's begun a 30-day suspension from Facebook. Find out exactly what Tom said to earn this suspension. Also, get new insight as to why our podcast lives behind a paywall. Why can't Tom be found on iTunes? Why no YouTube channel? Why no live video on Instagram or Periscope? All of your questions are answered here!

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SERENA WILLIAMS LOSES AGAIN! WHAT DOES THIS MEAN TO YOU? A lot! What can you learn from Serena's recent professional failure after so much success? What should you change about yourself to make sure something like this doesn't happen to you? Listen as Tom fills you in.

Read about the former AOL executive who retired at 52 and then realized what he had done wrong!

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