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In the News

81-YEAR-OLD MARTHA STEWART IS THE COVER FOR SPORTS ILLUSTRATED'S 2023 SWIMSUIT EDITION the Swimsuit Edition was clearly invented for teenage pud-pounding. Is this what they had in mind?

<--break->Martha Stewart, Sports Illustrated’s oldest swimsuit model, says ‘aging is so boring’


TUCKER CARLSON AND DON LEMON OUT WITHIN AN HOUR OF EACH OTHER What can they learn from shock jock Tom Leykis?


WHY DOMINION VOTING SYSTEMS DOESN"T CARE WHETHER FOX NEWS APOLOGIZES OR NOT They got $787.5 million for Fox's lies. Don't they also deserve an apology? Or to have some hosts such as Sean Hannity or Maria Bartiromo thrown under the bus?

This private equity firm is the biggest winner in the Dominion-Fox News settlement


HIRING STUPID PEOPLE Are there any reasons you might want to do that?


TOM BRADY: WHAT NOW? At 45, Tom Brady doesn't look like the NFL player he used to be. Should he finally retire for real? And, is it our business?


HOW IMPORTANT IS TWITTER? All this conversation about who runs Twitter and who should be allowed to tweet and who shouldn't. Does it all really matter?

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WHO THE FUCK IS BRITTNEY GRINER AND WHAT DID WE JUST DO? Is there any such thing as a "WNBA star"? Was trading a Russian prisoner for her a good idea?


FRUSTRATIONS ON A JITTERY ELECTION DAY Tom isn't jittery for the same reasons you are!


SHOULD SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS BE FORCED TO DO BUSINESS WITH PEOPLE WHO THEY DON'T WANT TO DO BUSINESS? A judge has ruled in favor of a bakery owner who refused to make wedding cakes for a same-sex couple because it "violated her Christian beliefs." Should we do something about this?

<--break->From the New York Post: Judge sides with California baker over same-sex wedding cake


TOM BRADY/GISELE BÜNDCHEN DIVORCE So, he wanted to come back to the NFL for one more year. Now, she reportedly wants a divorce. What does this say about women who want to be with successful men?

<--break->The Real Reason Why Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen Have Reportedly Hired Divorce Lawyers