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In the News

SHOULD THE HOMELESS HAVE TO USE A POOR DOOR? nearly 100 homeless men being housed at New York City's La Guardia Airport Marriott, purportedly had to use a “poor door” in the back rather than entering through the lobby. Bartender Geraldo Rodriquez told the New York Post, “They said it was the employee entrance,” he said. “I felt so ashamed.” But, should we care?

From The New York Post: Homeless must use back door at La Guardia Marriott

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ARE DOLLAR STORES "KILLING AMERICA"? Local grocery stores are blaming their hard times on the proliferation of dollar stores such as Dollar Tree and Dollar General. Professor Barry Popkin, professor of nutrition at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, says to the various dollar stores, "'Shame on you. You're killing America just so you can get richer." Listen and decide if you agree!<--break->

Here's the original article that got Tom so hyped up.

"Food desert" as defined by Wikipedia.

From Dollar stores and food deserts.

From the Atlanta Journal-ConstitutionOPINION: Are dollar stores the problem or the symptom of larger issue?

What do they sell at dollar stores? Take a gander at Dollar General's website!

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BLACK LIVES DO MATTER BUT SPORTS BOYCOTTS DON'T So many tragic, unjustified deaths of African American men. So many Americans justifiably angry. From Olympic athletes John Carlos and Tommie Smith to Colin Kaepernick to today's Dodgers and Milwaukee Bucks, we have seen all kinds of protests against these injustices. But, in the end, are the people who could change things paying attention?

Tommie Smith At The 1968 Olympic Games In Mexico City

Click here to learn about the historic Olympic protest of John Carlos and Tommie Smith.

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BLACK WINES MATTER This year's news events involving George Floyd have brought attention to America's Black-owned businesses, and there are more Black-owned wineries than you think. In this episode, Tom talks to Livermore Valley vintner Phil Long of Longevity Wines and President of the Association of African American Vintners (AAAV).<--break->

Here's the article that brought Phil Long to Tom's attention.

Click here if you'd like to show your support and enjoy some great wines from Longevity.

Click here for a list of Black wineries you can support who are members of AAAV.


HERMAN CAIN: "YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW" Herman Cain, the one-time Republican candidate for president, has died following his mask-free visit to Donald Trump's recent campaign visit to Tulsa. Are you sad? Tom's not!

Tom calls this tweet "the very definition of irony."

Tom says that "masks won't be mandatory where Herman Cain is going!"

This tweet mysteriously disappeared after the guy behind it, Bill Montgomery, died of COVID-19.

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AUNT JEMIMA TO VANISH; UNCLE BEN SOON TO FOLLOW The death of George Floyd will now result in the death of longtime fictional product spokesperson Aunt Jemima and, soon possibly, Uncle Ben of "converted rice" fame as well. So many of us are justifiably sad about the deaths of George Floyd and Rayshard Brooks, but will the demise of Aunt Jemima, Uncle Ben, and Sambo's Restaurants make any difference? 

From The New York Times: Uncle Ben, Board Chairman

Fictional character Aunt Jemima in her prime

Uncle Ben upon his "promotion" to "CEO of Uncle Ben's" in 2006


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TOM'S CONFLICTED FEELINGS ABOUT COVID-19 VICTIMS Tom's in his fourth month of sheltering-in-place as Donald Trump's "reopening of America" begins. As cases spike all over America, Tom deals with his conflicted feelings about the situation. Is it so wrong to be happy about the way things are going for some?

  • Arkansas (cases up 113 percent in two weeks, positive test rate increasing, current hospitalizations up from 64 on May 10 to 181 on June 10)
  • Florida (cases up 87 percent in two weeks, positive test rate increasing, the state does not report current hospitalizations)
  • North Carolina (cases up 62 percent in two weeks, positive test rate increasing, current hospitalizations up from 442 on May 10 to 780 on June 10)
  • South Carolina (cases up 93 percent in two weeks, positive test rate increasing, the state does not routinely report current hospitalizations but there was a reported recent spike)
  • Texas (cases up 53 percent in two weeks, positive test rate increasing, current hospitalizations up from 1,626 on May 10 to 2,153 on June 10)
  • Utah (cases up 126 percent in two weeks, positive test rate increasing, current hospitalizations up from 93 on May 10 to 130 on June 10)

The White House, as usual, is in denial about what's going on.

CDC predicts 130,000 US coronavirus deaths by July 4, with more new cases as states reopen

Trump Supporters Must Waive Right to Sue Over Virus to Attend Rally

How New York’s Coronavirus Response Made the Pandemic Worse

Houston on ‘Precipice of Disaster’ With Virus Cases Spreading

As businesses reopen, beware of COVID-19 surcharges

Texas Shatters Record For New Coronavirus Cases

Alabama COVID-19 Hospitalizations Hit Record High

Alarming rise in virus cases as states roll back lockdowns

Coronavirus Live Update

Current number of US COVID-19 cases and deaths


YOU THINK THIS IS BAD? The civil unrest we saw across the country on the night of May 30th was heartbreaking. After that, in comes the National Guard! Is that the end of it, or is it only the beginning?


This time of social unrest makes it a great time to look back at this Nipsey Hussle track from 2016.

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