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A MEASLES EPIDEMIC? MEASLES? IN 2019? It appears that a few too many people took the word of renowned scientist, Jenny McCarthy, and stopped vaccinating their kids against measles. And now we're paying for it! Should we stop unvaccinated people from being in schools and other public places. What should we do about those who resist vaccination? Tom is angry!

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PART 2 OF THE AMAZING 1982 PHOENIX CRANK CALL TAPE we promised you a Part 2, and here it is! More Swap Shop (including a weekend edition of Swap Shop with a different host who hadn't heard our greatest hits before!). An embarrassing call to a host on a slick station. Hear Tom and Howard slide the F word onto another slick station in such a way that the host didn't even know it was happening. And, Jonathon Brandmeier falls for Tom again and puts him on absolutely live for a second time in just 48 hours!

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A SINGLE MOTHER ON TWITTER THINKS SHE'S SMARTER THAN THE PROFESSOR There's always one! A chick who stumbles onto the teachings of Your Professor and thinks she can win an argument. Here's a gal who calls Tom "an idiot" because he said, "Other guys' kids shouldn't be OUR problem. Single moms are raising tomorrow's drunks, addicts, and carjackers." Click here to see the entire exchange or to join in the fun. Hear Tom explain why single mothers are bad news to date, worse to get involved with, and the worst when you move in and take on the little brats she created with whatever losers she used to love fucking in the past!

Here's proof that children of single mothers are more likely to abuse alcohol and drugs and to commit crimes.

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CRANK CALLS CIRCA 1982 Six months before Howard Stern became a superstar on WNBC/New York and a full 12 years before The Jerky Boys released their first album, Tom Leykis and his pal Howard Hoffman made and recorded hundreds of prank phone calls to unsuspecting radio hosts in Phoenix, Arizona. This collection has never been aired on radio or on Tom's live stream (although it has been played at dozens of parties). Many of these Phoenix call-in shows had no 7-second delays, though some actually did. These calls are often funnier than any radio show though, as you'll hear, Tom could never, ever play them on the radio. This tape was just unearthed at Tom's home in the Hollywood Hills. 


SHOULD YOU BE INVESTING IN LYFT OR UBER? Most of us use ride-sharing apps. But now you can own a piece of these companies through Wall Street IPOs! A sure bet, right? Not so fast.

Click here for the article that Tom recommends in this episode.

Here is the letter that Jayson sent in:

Tom- I wanted to send you a thank you today, Tax Day. Your approach for finding a tax guy worked wonders, and all in will save me $471!

Here’s the story: I am a late 20s guy who moved back to California for a job after receiving an MBA from a top tier school on the east coast. I had a tax guy in the city I went to school in, but when I was moving he told me (rightfully so) to find someone else because he wasn’t overly familiar with California.

I’m lucky to have a small brain trust of mentors in my life (something you advocate for), a few of who live in the city I moved to. I asked them for a recommendation (something you advise), and two gave me the name of the same professional CPA while the other two gave me different names. I called the three CPAs for a free introductory consultation to see if there was a fit. One was good, but not a fit, and one who was more for small businesses recommended on his own that I talk to the same guy two of my mentors recommended! I called him, and we hit it off great. I explained my situation in full and asked the series of questions you advise when hiring professionals. We worked out a fair deal for not just preparing my taxes but also being available throughout the year (something you also recommend, not making the accountant solely an Apr 15 worker but part of the money team).

My accountant did a beautiful job on my returns, and even with paying him his rate, I expect to save $471 when considering extra deductions, money management, and work he’s done. That’s $471 that’s staying safe in my Vanguard Prime Money Market account.

And maybe the icing on the cake, I was told I was one of the most prepared/mature clients he had, and for “such a youngster” he could tell I was on the right path. He asked me where it came from, and I proudly told him all about the Professor.

Thanks Tom,




UPDATE ON A LISTENER WHO TOOK TOM'S ADVICE Remember our caller John from Northern California? Or maybe you remember him after he had moved to Austin, Texas? He and his wife had split up and, on Tom's advice, he moved to Austin to save money and to build a better life alone with his son. Hear all about how John and his son are doing today. He wrote with an update that will (dare we say it?) warm your heart!

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MAGIC JOHNSON QUITS without even telling his boss, Lakers owner Jeanie Buss! Everyone who lives in Southern California loves Earvin for all the fun of winning five Laker championships, but what does his resignation tell us about his work as a sports executive? The Lakers' TV channel won't tell you. The Lakers' radio station doesn't want to rock the boat, so they won't tell you. The other sports radio station in LA wants to carry the Laker games when the current deal is up so they won't tell you. But Tom will!

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THE PROBLEMS WITH YOUNG MEN Why are young men today increasingly prone to suicide, drug overdose, obesity and withdrawal into video game addiction? Don't take Tom's word for it! Here's proof from an educated, reliable source that, as Tom has always said, it's all because of single mothers!

Here's the article to which Tom refers in this episode.

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THOSE POOR, POOR HOMELESS! Hear the story about two people who just can't figure out how this happened to them...but Tom can! Unless you're mentally ill, didn't you play at least some part in your ending up living in Tent City? Tom lays it on the line!

Here is the Washington Post article to which Tom refers in this episode.

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MORTGAGES FOR DEADBEATS? Didn't we learn from what happened in the 2000s? Remember what happened to the economy? Remember the reason it happened? Well, one major US bank has apparently conveniently forgotten. But Tom hasn't!

Here's the story to which Tom refers in this episode.

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