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SHOULD COVID-19 MEAN THE END OF EATING MEAT? That's what author Jonathan Safran Foer wrote in a New York Times opinion piece.  Will Tom go along? Find out!

Here is The New York Times opinion piece that got Tom all fired up in the first place.

Should we stop eating meat now? Tell Tom: tom@blowmeuptom.com.


A LONGTIME CALLER AND FOLLOWER TELLS HIS AMAZING SUCCESS STORY John from Austin's journey began years ago when he was in a miserable marriage and financial trouble with an impressionable son, Cole. Find out where they are now thanks to listening to the advice of Your Professor.

Here is John's Email to Tom:

Here is John's newest credit score.

John finally paid off his car note. Look!

And he also completely paid off his Visa card balance!


COVID-19: A GOOD CHANCE TO GET OUR ACTS TOGETHER Judging from social media, during this pandemic, we're getting reacquainted with our pets, sharpening our cooking and baking skills, and having Zoom get togethers with friends and relatives we forgot long ago. But what are we doing about our spending and savings habits?

This is the cookie that Tom talks about in this episode. Made from scratch with limited sweetness, organic cocoa powder, and whole grain whole wheat flour.


WHO ARE THE COVID-19 MASK RESISTERS? What are they saying by not wearing masks in public? And what about the people who glare at you or make comments when you're wearing a mask in public and they're not? Tom says that it's all too obvious.

Are you a mask resisiter? Or a mask wearer? Tell Tom NOW: tom@blowmeuptom.com.


NOW YOU CAN CLEARLY SEE THAT THERE IS NO SECURITY Tom has been consistently warning you not to think you'll ever actually be secure. In this episode, he looks at all the ways that has played out.

As far back as February 2019, before our world changed forever, Tom warned you about your need and desire to feel secure.


TOM INTERVIEWS LITTLE RICHARD We're all so sorry to hear the news of the death of the inimitable Little Richard. But did you know that Little Richard once sat down for two hours with Tom? Here is that interview compressed into one solid hour.

Little Richard, Founding Father of Rock Who Broke Musical Barriers, Dead at 87



THE COOTIES-19 VACCINE So much of the news today is bad. Horrible, in fact. But did you know that, after thinking that he had killed his own grandfather, Tom was behind a pandemic when he was a boy? Many tears were shed.

Mason Reese, the young actor who competed with Tom's brother for any number of TV commercial gigs requiring cute ginger kids. And always got the gigs.

Raleigh cigarettes and their attached coupons that could be collected to win big gifts. Like children...or free lung cancer!

The PS 70 schoolyard in The Bronx, the exact place where Tom learned about the cooties.


TOM SITS DOWN WITH THE GRIM REAPER When Tom saw The Grim Reaper, cudgel in hand, walking Florida beaches warning of the dangers of reopening the beaches too soon, he just had to find out more. Meet Daniel Uhlfelder, a Florida lawyer and campaigner for public beach access. His campaign has captured the imaginations of thousands of supporters and the ire of Florida's governor!

Read all about Daniel Uhlfelder as The Grim Reaper.

Daniel Uhlfelder's website.

Follow Daniel Uhlfelder on Twitter.

Call Daniel at (850) 534-0246.

Should beaches anywhere in America be opening so soon? Tell Tom what you think: tom@blowmeuptom.com.


THERE GOES THE BRIDE. THANKS, COVID-19! Your Professor is ahead of the curve again. He's advocated avoiding marriage for more than 20 years. And new statistics show that advice is taking hold: the lowest marriage rate in US history is now a reality! What do others know that you don't?

Tom's interest in this story began with this piece in The Wall Street Journal.

What's your take on marriage today? Let Tom know: tom@blowmeuptom.com.