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HOLIDAYS: A GREAT TIME FOR SELF-REFLECTION Why does an unmarried atheist with no kids care so much about holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas? Tom's answer may make all the difference for YOU!

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TOM'S INFAMOUS, DISASTROUS FIRST "ORPHAN THANKSGIVING"  let Tom take you back in time to when he was 23, to when his dad stopped talking to him and to when he came up with the idea of a holiday dinner without the hassles of an actual family. It did not end well.


<-----This is where it happened: in a rent-controlled building on the second floor of 216 West 89th Street, at the corner of Broadway, on New York's Upper West Side.






This looks exactly like the ancient apartment-style gas stove in which Tom made the turkey and into which everyone at his first Orphan Thanksgiving started to stick their grubby hands. ---------------------------------------->



THOSE POOR HOLLYWOOD ASSISTANTS HAVE TO WORK SO HARD! You have no idea how hard life is for all the talentless hacks who arrive in Los Angeles and want to get paid to become Darlene Love's or Downtown Julie Brown's personal assistants! And now some Hollywood producers and writers say they want to DO something about this travesty!

Here's the Los Angeles Times story that started it all.

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SINGLE MOTHERS: WHY MEN SHOULD AVOID THEM AT ALL COSTS We've seen many recent stories regarding single mothers, especially about the mass shooters who grew up without dads around. Time for some reminders about why single mothers are to be avoided resolutely when looking for sex or (god forbid) a relationship!

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THE NEW "CHARLIE'S ANGELS' REBOOT IS A FLOP...AND IT'S YOUR FAULT! "Charlie's Angels" actor/director Elizabeth Banks can't believe that the film's opening weekend had slightly more than 1/4 the audience that the leader, "Ford vs. Ferrari" had. what's worse, it's because you're a sexist!

This is the story Tom used to prepare for this episode.

See the actual box office numbers here.

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"DAD DEPRIVATION": THE REAL CAUSE OF SO MANY MASS SHOOTINGS  As the communities of Saugus and Santa Clarita, Cailfornia struggle to recover from still another mass shooting and continue to grieve, Americans still refuse to deal with the major factor that binds so many of these incidents together: Mass shooters and other criminals (including the Saugus killer Nate Berhow) are often raised in homes with no father around. Single mother homes.

Frequent guest Dr. Warren Farrell's essay on this subject.

The Wall Street Journal's story about the death of Saugus shooter Nate Berhow.

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SCHOOL SHOOTINGS AND "TOXIC MASCULINITY" Another school shooting, this time, north of Los Angeles. And more searching for answers. Here's what a woman on Twitter wrote:

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WHY MEN SHOULDN'T EVER PAY FOR A FIRST DATE It all started as a debate on Twitter between Your Professor and a woman in Austin, TX whose advice to men was, "If you want to go on a 2nd date with a girl pay for the first date" because "you have no idea how often I hear this complaint from my girlfriends." In this class, Your Professor tell you why this idea is all wrong based on some of his own personal experiences.

Here is the thread on Twitter that started it all.

Here is the book that ruined Tom's cruise.

Here is the article that showed the results of the scientific study on "foodie calls".

Here is Tom's previous interview with Dr. Brian Collisson, the Azusa Pacific University professor and co-author of the study on women who date men specifically to get that free meal.

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ARE YOU READY FOR THE 2020 RECESSION? Time to get ready! Tom to the rescue with a list of tips and tricks to cut costs and get ready for the upcoming sluggish economy...whenever it gets here!

Here's the Wall Street Journal article that started it all.

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WHAT IF YOUR WILDEST FANTASY TURNED INTO YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE? That's what happened to a friend of Tom's, a Howard Stern listener who lived vicariously through Howard's show. Find out what it's like to live your dream...and then to pay the price!

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