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TOM'S FATHER'S DAY POSTMORTEM How was your Father's Day? Often a loaded question because the answer isn't always so obvious! Hear all about the conflicted relationship Tom had with his dad and how it affected his life as an adult. The result is Tom's relationship with his audience as The Dad You Never Had!

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HOW MUCH IS HOUSEWORK REALLY WORTH? A judge in Argentina decided that a divorced woman is entitled to eight million Argentine pesos for her 20 years of housework and childrearing. What if judges start ruling this way in the United States? Is living with a woman worth this kind of cost?

Here is the article to which Tom refers in this episode.

Do you agree with the judge in this case? Do we owe women for whatever they do around the house? Tell Tom now: tom@blowmeuptom.com.


IS TOM SELLECK JUST A DISHONEST CREEP? Listen to this episode and you decide! In a TV commercial that has run about a million times, actor Tom Selleck says he believes he has a way to stay secure in your home for good. But is that true? Some people who did what Tom recommends are being thrown out of their homes, possibly because Tom forgot to include some key facts in his commercial? Our Tom breaks down this TV commercial bit-by-bit and brings you the latest on the people who are being given the boot.

Take a look at the TV commercial Tom talks about in this episode.

This is the article to which Tom Leykis refers in this episode.

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DE NIRO'S DIVORCE REMINDS US AGAIN WHY NOT TO GET MARRIED Actor Robert De Niro is getting a cruel reminder of why Your Professor continues to tell you not to get married under almost any circumstances. But he signed a prenup, right? Doesn't matter. And so, here he is at age 75 in court being told to produce 15 years worth of financial records regardless of what the prenup says. Here is that reminder you're always needing to not let them move in, and to definitely not marry them.

Here is the New York Post's account of the De Niro divorce.

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ANOTHER YOUTUBER HAS HIS BUSINESS TAKEN AWAY Why is our podcast behind a paywall? This incident is a perfect example of why we can't make our content freely available to all, supported by national advertisers. In this episode, Tom tells you how social media tattletales, feminist whiners, Millennial emos and Wall Street combine to strangle free expression in the world of social media. Speaking of free expression, in this episode, we also invited our followers to call in and say absolutely whatever they wanted. Those who don't like it can't hear it and therefore can't complain about it and try to get our content taken down. But you can hear it by clicking below!

Here's the story to which Tom refers in this episode.

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DID TWITTER FOUNDER JACK DORSEY BUY HIS 23-YEAR-OLD MODEL GIRLFRIEND A HOUSE? Looks that way! Is it good for you to be buying things or paying bills for fuck buddies or girlfriends or wives? Many of you sent this story to Tom wondering what he would think. You were right to wonder. 

Here is the story from 50 Cent's website, including photos.

This is (purportedly) the house that Twitter founder and CEO Jack Dorsey (purportedly) bought for his model girlfriend.

Do you believe in buying things like houses or cars for your girl? How about paying for her rent, her groceries or her mobile phone? Tell Tom why: tom@blowmeuptom.com.


ONCE AGAIN, GILLETTE TELLS ITS CUSTOMERS WHAT TO THINK It's one thing when a brand uses advertising to tell you to buy their products and why. But how do you feel when brands tell you how you should think and act? Once again, the marketing chief of Gillette thinks it's the job of conglomerates to take stands, even if they fly in the face of what customers who buy their products already think. Is this a good idea?

Take a look at the video Tom discusses in this episode.

Here is a story about the Gillette transgender video and the reaction to it.

Here is a story that includes comments from Gillette's North American brand director Pankaj Bhalla.

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IS TOM A MISOGYNIST? No, he says! Quite the contrary! Find out how Tom doesn't hate women, doesn't advocate abuse of any kind, and how in the #MeToo era, the ladies love to say that Tom is a woman-hater. But Tom says he's actually a feminist! Find out why!

Here's the Twitter thread that started this whole conversation.

Here's the profile to which Tom refers in which the Los Angeles Times asked if he's a misogynist.

Do you think Tom is a misogynist? Let him know what you think: tom@blowmeuptom.com.


POOR THELMA SMITH After 30 years at the same address, 102-year-old Thelma Smith is being told to vacate her apartment because the landlord's daughter, a recent law school graduate, needs a place to live. Is that right? It's perfectly legal, but is the landlord doing the wrong thing to this sweet old lady?

Take a look at this story about 102-year-old Thelma Smith from CBS News.

Here's a story from the Los Angeles Times about the eviction of Thelma Smith that lays it all out.

Click here for another story from the Los Angeles Times about what social media are saying.

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LATE NIGHT TOM ON THE BEACH Light a candle. Grab some ice, pour your favorite beverage. Or, wrap yourself in your blanky for this very personal episode direct from an deserted stretch of beach. Tom will tell you all about where he is and why he's there.