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FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO ARE ALONE ON VALENTINE'S DAY Your Professor has a special message for those of you who've spent Valentine's Day alone, but have been having second thoughts. Do you feel lonely? Or badly? You need this message.

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BEWARE OF VALENTINE'S DAY Your Professor goes deep on why you need to lay low on Valentine's Day. And now, for the first time, Your Professor tells you how to finesse Valentine's Day if you've ignored his advice and moved in with or married someone.

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YOUR CREDIT SCORE COULD BE GOING DOWN WITHOUT YOU KNOWING Also, is it worth the effort to get your credit score from the 750s to the 800s? Should you pay off old credit cards you don't use anymore? Should you be totally out of mutual funds and stocks at this point? Should you sell vehicles that are underwater in order to eliminate debt? Tom knows!

Here is the story from the Wall Street Journal about the upcoming changes to how FICO credit scores are calculated.

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RUSH LIMBAUGH'S LUNG CANCER DIAGNOSIS Tom has a complicated history with and complex feelings about fellow talk radio personality Rush Limbaugh. Hear some things you never knew about Rush and Tom, Tom's reaction to Rush's cancer diagnosis, and find out why it's hard for him to feel badly for Rush.

Here is the song (along with others of its kind) that KFI Radio used to play ad infinitum before Tom Leykis and Rush Limbaugh were heard in tandem in Los Angeles radio beginning in 1988: KFI had about one percent of the Southern California radio audience at that time.


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ARE THINGS ARE BETTER THAN THEY SEEM? Meet Laurence B. Siegel, the author of more than 200 articles on investing and related topics.  He'll tell you why capitalism isn't as evil as Millennials and Gen Zs think. He believes that the world has gotten much better, rather than worse. He even believes that corporations will be the ones to clean up the environment!

Find out why you need to stop hating corporations and start investing in them.

Get a copy of Larry's book, Fewer, Richer, Greener: Prospects for Humanity in an Age of Abundance.

Here's the original piece in the Wall Street Journal that inspired Tom to do this interview.

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TODAY'S KIDS: "OUT OF CONTROL, UNGRATEFUL LITTLE WEASELS" Kids today: they cost more to raise, they live at home longer and they're more obnoxious and ungrateful than ever. Is it worth the effort? Also, hear what one mother is doing about it!

Here's the Facebook page of Shaketha Marion McGregor, the CEO of This Mom Means Business Inc.

Here's a story about Shaketha and her kids.

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PEOPLE WHO KEEP BRINGING UP THE RAPE ALLEGATION AGAINST KOBE BRYANT So many of us continue to feel the pain of Kobe Bryant's untimely death. But some people just can't stop bringing up the 2003 sexual assault allegation that followed Kobe ever since. Can we just feel bad about Kobe's death without this never-proven allegation rearing its ugly head?

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OUR LISTENERS REACT TO THE DEATH OF KOBE BRYANT Our listener reactions to Kobe's death are all over the map and some will, frankly, offend Kobe fans and basic human decency. But we don't believe in censorship, so it's all here, the reverent, the irreverent, even the musical. Click to hear what our listeners had to say about the tragic death of Kobe Bryant.

A short, bonus episode that's nothing like the previous episode.

If you are easily offended, please don't press the play button! Skip over this episode and wait for the next!


THE LOSS OF KOBE BRYANT Kobe Bryant was more than the greatest basketball player of all time. Much more. This episode is ad free for all subscribers.

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"MOMCATIONS" Mothers, single and otherwise, can't stop whining about their need to get away from the parental responsibilities they once begged for. They also can't stop blaming men for not helping out more with the children they bullied us into having with them.

It all started with this article in The Washington Post.

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