Jul 18th, 2022 | In the News

GO AWAY LITTLE BOY A man who found out the 5-year-old boy he'd been supporting and caring for wasn't his. So he abandoned the boy as he waited to be picked up at school. Was the man right to do this?

From The New York Post: Dad abandons son, 5, at school after discovering he’s not his father



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All it takes is handful of morons post something about how horrible the father is for his actions and everyone jumps on the bandwagon. These dumb asses don't have any opinion and rather brain washed by women and spineless men

Submitted by aofrailey on

I tend to agree with Tom on most issues. I especially agree that women who extract child support from a man under the pretense that he is the father should have serious sanctions placed on her. I also agree that women get off the hook too easily for lying to the man and the child regarding the child's paternity. It is she, not he, who is most responsible for the lifelong suffering of the child, who yearns to know who his or her father is.
On the other hand, what the man did, by ripping away the man the child knew for years as his father, was out and out cruel. It is turning my stomach to think of this poor kid waiting for a ride that never comes. It is damaging enough for a person to lack a father, but so much worse when a man he/she considers his father virtually throws them in the trash can. By having sex, the man knew the risk that his actions might produce a child. I think he is obligated to see to the child's welfare.