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IT"S CREDIT CARD CASH REBATE TIME! The numbers are in (see below), and for 2019, Tom is about to scoop up over $2,500 in cold hard cash just for using (and for responsibly managing) two specific credit cards. Hear step-by-step how Tom does this every year and how this kind of credit card usage can actually improve your credit score. (Dave Ramsey would hate this!)

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THIS GROUP OF REPUBLICANS IS PUSHING TO OUST TRUMP Tom talks to Reed Galen, one of the founders of the Lincoln Project, a super PAC created by George Conway (husband of Kellyanne Conway), along with political strategists Steve Schmidt & John Weaver and media consultant Rick Wilson.

WARNING: this episode contains a discussion of politics. If you don't like politics, or if you just don't like Tom's political opinions, don't torture yourself. Just don't press the play button on this episode!


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"WHY I LOVE MONEY...AND YOU SHOULD TOO!" There are an awful lot of people these days who have a problem with money. They don't like corporations or people with money or the trappings of money. They think money should be given away rather than earned, taxed from the pockets of rich people who've earned their money and put into the pockets of those who haven't.

Tom's not ashamed to say that he LOVES money! In fact, Tom wants to have as much money as he can possibly get. Find out why!

This article from the New York Daily News called Rich people live healthy lives nearly a decade longer than poor people, new study says is what started it all.

In this episode, Tom talks about this piece from Vice about the two homeless moms in Oakland who took over and squatted in an unoccupied property with their kids.

Tom mentioned a book he swears by called The Millionaire Next Door. He considers this book to be like his own life story!

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FINAL EPISODE OF OUT OF THE WOODWORK and this one takes the cake! One of the ex-wives pops up from the past and you won't believe what she told Tom...and what she wants!

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MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL WANTS TO DISSOLVE 42 MINOR LEAGUE TEAMS Why should we care? Ryan Keur, President of the Daytona Tortugas Florida State League baseball team tells us why. It's an issue that even got Senator Bernie Sanders to weigh in with the Commissioner of Baseball, Rob Manfred!

Read about why Senator Bernie Sanders cares about this issue.

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Ryan Keur, President of the Daytona Tortugas minor league baseball franchise


Senator Bernie Sanders


TOM TALKS RELIGION with the former editor-in-chief of Christianity Today, Mark Galli. Mark was in the news recently when he wrote a piece called Trump Should Be Removed from Office, shocking to many because it appeared in an evangelical magazine founded by the late Reverend Billy Graham.

Read Mark Galli's piece on which this episode was based.

Click here to see Mark's website.

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ANOTHER EPISODE OF OUT OF THE WOODWORK Hear about the chick who Tom dated in 2001 with whom he mutually agreed to break up due to her frequent explosions of temper. Suddenly, from out of the blue, she re-emerged from the past as if nothing ever happened! (Episode 4 out of 5.)

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DEAD POOL 2020 Tom's been doing it for years, and now's the time to get your entries in. Which celebrities will die in 2020? How many points did Tom get this past year? Who were his choices? Did anyone carry over onto this year's list? Find out now!

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EPISODE 3 FROM OUT OF THE WOODWORK If you dated someone in the past, do you owe it to them to help them out or to help out their families when they're in trouble today? Find out what happened during the holiday season, when Tom started receiving text messages and then hospital selfies from someone he dated long ago.

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MORE FROM OUT OF THE WOODWORK (2nd of 5 episodes) In this episode, hear about a woman Tom never actually slept with who keeps popping up.

Once a party girl with a Sunset Strip apartment, a rocking body, outrageous cleavage, a lengthy list of  "male friends" and an out-of-wedlock son, she is now older, more wrinkled and more desperate. Clearly a member of SAG! It's apparent that, although she once tried to pass herself off as one of those "born-again virgins" in search of marriage. Now, as her finances continue their decline, she becomes more shameless and needy....possibly to the extent that she would finally reveal her declining body now that no one else apparently wants to see it anymore.

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