Tom Talks

Tom Talks

TOM CANCELS A SUBSCRIBER Every now and then, Tom says something outrageous and a subscriber cancels. So why in the world would Tom cancel a subscriber? Find out!

Retrace Tom's steps from the radio station to his home the night he put oil in his own car on a cold night in Albany, New York

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FATTIES, TRANNIES, & GRANNIES For years, as men have gravitated to television to watch sports, Sports Illustrated has tried holding onto them with an annual Swimsuit Edition featuring hot models in tiny bikinis. Now, new owners have switched to featuring fatties, trannies, and grannies instead of hotties. Tom is not impressed!

Fatty Hunter McGrady from last year's Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition

Valentina Sampaio becomes first openly trans model in Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue

Here's how the New York Post covered this year's granny swimsuit model.

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YOU AGAIN? Just before his birthday, Tom looks back and counts the many ways he's so glad he said no to so many women. There are a lot of desperate gals out there today in this lousy pandemic economy, as Tom has discovered.

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DIRECT FROM TOM'S POOL While Tom gets in a pre-meal dip, hear his latest thoughts about COVID-19, making good use of our lockdown time, what we're doing wrong, and what we can do differently in the next chapters of our lives.

In this episode, Tom referred to this: A Busby Berkeley staircase!

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"I NEVER WANTED TO BE THIS PERSON" What's Tom been doing during this lockdown? Getting laid? Nope. Getting sauced? Not even. Watching his investments? Well, that yes. But you won't believe what he's been doing with most of his day. Tom says, "I never wanted to be this person." Yet now, he is

Why Do McDonald’s Fries Have Nearly 20 Ingredients?

Ever look at what's in a Kentucky Fried Chicken Original Recipe Chicken Breast? Most people don't. One piece has fully half of your entire daily allowance of sodium. And look at this list of ingredients!

Take a look at what's in a Taco Bell Bean Burrito. Did you have any idea?

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AMERICA AIN'T WHAT IT USED TO BE Tom enjoyed a great 4th of July weekend. Good hot weather. Some laps in the pool. Incredible baby back ribs in the smoker. Except for when, stupidly, he turned on CNN's 4th of July special. Things then took a turn for the worse!

This is the song as performed on CNN on July 4th that got Tom going.

This is the entire original recording with lyrics, in case you don't know or remember them.

From The Washington PostThe creator of Mount Rushmore’s forgotten ties to white supremacy

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TOM'S LIFE UNDER COVID-19 Change of pace. Tom takes it outside, under the big, old oak tree, to talk about how life under lockdown has changed him. Find out how he feels about the return of live sports, the reopening of bars and restaurants, and how this quiet period at home could change him forever.

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TOM GETS INTO IT WITH RACIST AND TRUMP-SUPPORTING NEIGHBORS Tom needed some brush clearance at the ranch. But all it took was one post on a local Facebook page looking for a new rancher with a herd of cattle that needs to graze. Tom just had a few simple rules that person would have to follow. Then, all hell broke loose!<--break->

Here is Tom's Facebook post:


WARNING: if you're a Trump supporter or a racist, you might want to skip this episode rather than crying about it here later. You've been warned.

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SHOULD COVID-19 MEAN THE END OF EATING MEAT? That's what author Jonathan Safran Foer wrote in a New York Times opinion piece.  Will Tom go along? Find out!

Here is The New York Times opinion piece that got Tom all fired up in the first place.

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WHO ARE THE COVID-19 MASK RESISTERS? What are they saying by not wearing masks in public? And what about the people who glare at you or make comments when you're wearing a mask in public and they're not? Tom says that it's all too obvious.

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