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Tom Talks

HOW TOM IS PROTECTING HIMSELF AGAINST CORONAVIRUS? Tom assures you that this is a real thing.  Why does he believe this, despite reassurances from our President? Where is Tom going? What precautions are he taking? What does this prove about Tom's lifelong attitude towards money? What can you do about this pandemic yourself?

Tom warned you that a recession was coming in 2020. Many listeners angrily denied it. Yet the coronavirus is exposing the house of cards on which the economy currently based. Here's the proof that a recession is actually coming.

Here's proof that the White House has been lying about the real dangers of the coronavirus.

Here's proof that the president's real agenda is to keep up the appearance that all is good.

From The New York Times: Life in Seattle, America’s Coronavirus Capital

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TOM FOILS AN INTRUDER! And he did it from his hotel room in Daytona Beach. Find out NOW what happened! Are YOU a security camera voyeur?

Here is the video doorbell Tom is talking about.

Here are the cameras Tom is talking about.

McGruff the Crime Dog in prison. Literally!

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WHY DO SO MANY PEOPLE HATE BILLIONAIRES? Tom says you need to face it: the fact that so many of us hate billionaires is a reflection of ourselves! Will your vote in the 2020 election be influenced by how you feel about billionaires?

Here's the op-ed piece in The New York Times that got Tom thinking about this subject.

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TODAY'S KIDS: "OUT OF CONTROL, UNGRATEFUL LITTLE WEASELS" Kids today: they cost more to raise, they live at home longer and they're more obnoxious and ungrateful than ever. Is it worth the effort? Also, hear what one mother is doing about it!

Here's the Facebook page of Shaketha Marion McGregor, the CEO of This Mom Means Business Inc.

Here's a story about Shaketha and her kids.

Is having kids worth the effort? Let Tom have it:


"MOMCATIONS" Mothers, single and otherwise, can't stop whining about their need to get away from the parental responsibilities they once begged for. They also can't stop blaming men for not helping out more with the children they bullied us into having with them.

It all started with this article in The Washington Post.

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FINAL EPISODE OF OUT OF THE WOODWORK and this one takes the cake! One of the ex-wives pops up from the past and you won't believe what she told Tom...and what she wants!

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ANOTHER EPISODE OF OUT OF THE WOODWORK Hear about the chick who Tom dated in 2001 with whom he mutually agreed to break up due to her frequent explosions of temper. Suddenly, from out of the blue, she re-emerged from the past as if nothing ever happened! (Episode 4 out of 5.)

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DEAD POOL 2020 Tom's been doing it for years, and now's the time to get your entries in. Which celebrities will die in 2020? How many points did Tom get this past year? Who were his choices? Did anyone carry over onto this year's list? Find out now!

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EPISODE 3 FROM OUT OF THE WOODWORK If you dated someone in the past, do you owe it to them to help them out or to help out their families when they're in trouble today? Find out what happened during the holiday season, when Tom started receiving text messages and then hospital selfies from someone he dated long ago.

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MORE FROM OUT OF THE WOODWORK (2nd of 5 episodes) In this episode, hear about a woman Tom never actually slept with who keeps popping up.

Once a party girl with a Sunset Strip apartment, a rocking body, outrageous cleavage, a lengthy list of  "male friends" and an out-of-wedlock son, she is now older, more wrinkled and more desperate. Clearly a member of SAG! It's apparent that, although she once tried to pass herself off as one of those "born-again virgins" in search of marriage. Now, as her finances continue their decline, she becomes more shameless and needy....possibly to the extent that she would finally reveal her declining body now that no one else apparently wants to see it anymore.

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