Leykis 101

Leykis 101

Hour 1: Tom's not being "green" - he's being thrifty. Hour 2: Being thrifty mistaken for being green contnued. Hour 3: Leykis 101.


Hour 1: Jon Lovitz joins Tom to discuss a controversial tweet he made about making Nazis illegal. Hour 2: Tom and Gary discuss the upcoming dinner in Orange County. Hour 3: Leykis 101.


Hour 1: Your thoughts on dating site profiles looking for love and family. Hour 2: What dating sites/apps do you use? Hour 3: Leykis 101.


Hour 1: Trump Bans Transgenders. Hour 2: Trump Bans Transgender. Hour 3: Leykis 101


Hour 1: O.J. Simpson to be paroled this October...THE JUICE WILL BE LOOSE! Hour 2: Should we care that lead singer of Linkin Park, Chester Bennington committed suicide? Hour 3: Leykis 101.


Hour 1: American women like Selma, who called yesterday, are slump busters who think they're hot. Hour 2: Selma calls back to confront Tom. Hour 3: Leykis 101.


Hour 1: Is feminism needed at this point? Hour 2: What's the most valuable thing you have learned from The Tom Leykis Show? Hour 3: Leykis 101.


Hour 1: How do you feel about malls and retail stores are going away? Hour 2: Who's responsible for the current opioid "epidemic"? Hour 3: Leykis 101.


Hour 1: Why do people think Tom and the listeners are misogynists? Plus, caller Mike in Salt Lake City claims it he'll find the right woman and be happy forever and so can Tom. Hour 2: Callers talk with Tom and Mike about women and relationships. Hour 3: Leykis 101.


Hour 1: What electronic devices do you use? Hour 2: The discussion of personal electronic devices continues. Hour 3: Leykis 101.