Jun 28th, 2019 | Leykis 101

THE SCIENCE BEHIND THE FOODIE CALL Meet Dr. Brian Collisson, the Azusa Pacific University professor and co-author of the study on women who date men specifically to get that free meal. Your Professor has been warning you for over two decades about this kind of gal and now research proves she's out there! She wants you to feed her and, in many cases, you're not getting anything in return. Now, hear about the study the world is talking about!

Here's the Newsweek story about this study that Tom references in this episode.

Women who make 'foodie calls' are more likely to have psychopathic behavior, study says.

‘Foodie Call’: Nearly A Third Of Women Have Gone On Dates Just For Free Food, Survey Finds.


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Submitted by Mr_Dee on

I was thinking a good follow up survey would be to ask men if they were victims of foodie calls. How did they feel about it, and what are they doing differently to avoid it? As you said Professor women are the cheapest creatures on earth. Did you hear what the women said? I have my own money I can split the bill if it's a problem.
Another great interview two in a row! You had some great questions I wish he had some answers for them.

Submitted by gokusan on

I'd rather spend my money on gold and silver coins, my roth IRA, my robinhood account and video games ;) thanks again Dad

Submitted by TallTim on

Patrice from "The Black Philip Show" was right, women are time wasters and they want to hook into your wallet. Tom continues the tradition of calling out these time and money vampires. The real sad thing though is there are plenty of chumps to enable and reward this behavior. Can't wait for that to change, honestly.

Good one, Tom.

Submitted by debassman on

Tom The podcasts have been always entertaining. Albeit sometimes curt (Subscribers, Look It Up) LOL!! But when you are interviewing someone, and you don't have to riff bu yourself, this takes the podcast to another level! Kudos on the interview shows!!!

Submitted by RyanWantsMore on

I remember talking to a female friend via ICQ. She spoke to me on open speakers, and when the phone rang, she told me to keep quiet. She answered the phone, and as a joke I said 'C'mon hun, come back to bed'. The caller heard my voice through the speaker and cancelled the date she had with her. She came back to me on mic and said 'damn it, now I'm going to have to cook tonight'. She told me she was dating guys just for the free food. Nothing new at all.

Submitted by TallTim on

Nice one man, like that story!

Submitted by misterdgc on

Aahhh,. Life is good behind the Paywall!!! A sanctuary of truth and scientifically documented knowledge. Sure, we all knew this, but it sure feels good to have our truths proven by the scientific method. After being screeched at by illogical PC media all day/ week/ month/ years, it feels good to visit Tom's "sanctuary" of savory truth. So good. Thanks again Tom!

Submitted by Liberation95 on

Fuck this shit hits home hard! I was going out for a few dates with bitch but it seemed she just wanted me to feed her. Found out for sure when she wanted to not only order her dinner but take home an extra meal with her too, all on my dime! My one regret in life was that I didn't excuse myself and leave the bitch there to pay all that food herself! After that I ghosted her, but I really wish I had left her there after that move! Had a friend that did this shit too. She said she didn't like the guy, but "a girl's gotta eat". Thanks for pointing out for us men not to be walking ATMs!

Submitted by thomasj on

Wow, if this doesn't describe 90% of Anglo Women, I don't know what does. Why waste your time and money on these self-important, greedy wenches? Better to seek out international tourists or recent immigrants from countries unspoiled by this shit (or travel there yourself).
American princesses - Want a meal? Find a job.Need a companion? Go rescue a pet. I'd much rather have a few drinks with a women who enjoys sex as much as me and at the end of the evening says "Pound Me,Too". The rest of you can go fuck yourselves (and probably do).