Leykis 101

Leykis 101

LEYKIS 101 an exchange between Your Professor and a woman on Facebook named Nathaly (see it here by searching the page for Nathaly) over a previous episode explodes into this Leykis 101 classroom discussion. Who is responsible for chicks getting knocked up by losers, deadbeats, addicts and abusers? Your Professor has the balls to give you the politically incorrect truth!

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LEYKIS 101 hear about the woman who wrote an advice column for help: she "forced" a guy to get married...and now she's so unhappy with the way things turned out! Also, email from one listener who celebrates because men invented everything and another man who's feeling badly he's afraid that he's not doing things he's "supposed to be doing" or "what society expects" of him.

Here's the advice column Tom refers to in this episode: Husband obsessed with making money leaves her.

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LEYKIS 101 a down-on-his-luck actor spends seven years donating to sperm banks. Later, he finds out he's the biological father of over 20 kids. And he's happy about that? Also, what do you do with chicks you meet in pairs or in packs? Your Professor spells it out.

Here's the story Tom to which refers in this episode.

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LEYKIS 101 do you have any idea who you're boning? You may think you do, but now, hear the story of a chick who faked her way through dozens of guys, getting them to pay up in various ways, according to her own daughter! Also, DNA horror stories!

Here's the article to which Tom refers in this episode.

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LEYKIS 101 why do people keep telling men that marriage is good for them? Is getting married and having kids a better decision? And what happens to your friends when chicks come in and start to run your boys' lives? Your Professor weighs in!

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ARE UNMARRIED GUYS AS HAPPY AS YOUR MOM SAYS? Science proves Your Professor right once again. Apparently, unmarried guys aren't as pathetic as women's magazines and TV shows make us out to be. But the blogger Tom talks about here still uses outrageously offensive language to describe those of us smart enough not to sign the papers.

This is the piece Tom is talking about.

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LEYKIS 101 what is "ring shaming"? 

This story in the New York Post pretty much spells it out. Has it ever been done to you? And what does it represent about other things your girl does to you? Find out on this episode of Leykis 101. And send your Leykis 101 questions and comments for future episodes here: tom@blowmeuptom.com.


LEYKIS 101: what should guys who love Donald Trump say when they're out trying to get laid? Also, an email from a confused listener who wants to settle down. Send Leykis 101 questions and comments for future episodes to tom@blowmeuptom.com.


Hour 1: Leykis 101. Hour 2: Leykis 101 continued. Hour 3: Unscreened calls.


Hour 1: Leykis 101. Hour 2: Leykis 101 continues. Hour 3: Unscreened calls.