Leykis 101

Leykis 101

Hour 1: The Mets' Matt Harvey reportedly missed a game due to being upset that his girlfriend, Adriana Lima saw her ex. Tom explains why Matt's being incredibly stupid and why love is a myth. Hour 2: More on the myth of love and avoiding relationships. Hour 3: Leykis 101.


Hour 1: A listener emails Tom and asks if he should tell his girl that he contracted herpes from another woman. Hour 2: Why let women invade your life? Hour 3: Leykis 101.


Hour 1: Tom releases his Pedal to the Metal, Santa Ynes 2015 syrah which is a template to how you too can make your ideas and dreams, reality. Hour 2: Tom and Paul Batey take issue with someone calling their intervention with Matt from Montana on Tuesday, fake. Hour 3. Leykis 101.


Hour 1:How have you been fucked over as a man? Hour 2: How men get fucked over - continued. Hour 3: Leykis 101.


Hour 1: Heed this - No wives, no girlfriends, no baby mamas. Jason calls in to disagree with this. Hour 2: Other callers discuss Jason's decision with him. Hour 3: Leykis 101.


Hour 1: Reports From The Front. Hour 2: Don't blame others for your lack of success. Hour 3: Leykis 101.


Hour 1: How do you feel that traditional stores are closing because of on-line competition? Hour 2: Do we need chicks reporting on sporting events? Hour 3: Leykis 101.


Hour 1: How do you feel about Trump's proposed budget cuts? Hour 2: Tom only talks with black callers about what troubles them about Trump. Hour 3: Leykis 101.


Hour 1: Would you date someone who was once a man? Hour 2: More on dating someone with "male parts" and Louis from Hollywood gives an impromptu lesson on the subject. Hour 3: Leykis 101.


Hour 1: How much money is enough money? Hour 2: Tom reads "10 Secrets To A Successful Marriage". Hour 3: Leykis 101.