Aug 8th, 2019 | Leykis 101

ARRANGED MARRIAGE BLOWS UP OVER WIFE'S CHECKERED PAST A post on Reddit tells the story of an American woman whose parents are from India. After fucking and sucking her way through college, her parents arranged a marriage for her with an apparent virgin who thought that she was also a virgin. She did nothing to dispel this notion. One day, now pregnant with their first child, she came home to find her husband crying and it all began to unravel. 

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Appreciate the shout-out. You have been telling guys about this for a long time. Its the reason I subscribed, because I've been through it myself -- being betrayed by someone I thought I "loved". Not as bad as the guy in that post, but bad enough.

Leykis 101 is no joke. I've been mentioning it to people that I think would be receptive to it, especially when they're going through a personal hell with some bitch nagging the shit out of them.

Not all of them listen, they have to get to their own epiphany on their own. But some do, and I really believe that you've saved lives with your advice, Tom.