Aug 7th, 2019 | Leykis 101

WHAT? MILLENNIALS "CAN'T AFFORD LOVE"? A listener saw this story in USA Today and it blew Your Professor's mind. "When you meet someone nice, you want to take that person somewhere nice," the reporter was told. "But, what's the point of taking them to this nice place just to find out you guys are better just as friends? So, you're wasting money." Seriously? You can only imagine Tom's response.

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Submitted by TallTim on

They only exist for the current crop of "foodie" freeloaders to bilk a guy out of a meal and drinks.

Leykis 101 - Don't spend more than 40 bucks on a date, zero is preferred. I'd amend that to say don't bother doing traditional dates at all. Where's the incentive? In this age of #metoo and "independent" women (who are subsidized by govt policies and programs), you're more likely to encounter a shrill job-interview experience than actual romantic love.

Just do the bare minimum, and move on. Enjoy the scene as the demanding harpies turn into future box-wine swilling cat ladies.

Want a glimpse? Look at this --

Every one of those women thought they could screw around forever instead of giving a decent man a chance, and now, when they're all used up and broken, they want to "settle down".

Fuck that shit.

Submitted by Kelvinator on

The current dating pool is general a complete shit show of feminist broads who are slathered in tattoos, got 2-3 kids in tow, and have nothing to offer. I got better things to do. Now if I go out and meet a chick at a bar or something yah I'll have a lil fun...but the thought of dating the modern female makes me want to eat a 38 slug.