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THE STOCK MARKET'S BEEN GOING CRAZY...WHAT DO WE DO NOW? Many listeners wrote Tom in a panic. What are you supposed to do when the stock market's going up and down and up again? Here from Daytona Beach, Tom is ready to help you figure out what to do next.

Here is the specific definition of dollar cost averaging that Tom discusses in this episode.

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TURNING COFFEE INTO WEALTH This could be one of the most valuable money episodes we've ever done. Tom has done the hard numbers. That cup of Starbucks could be worth as much as $700,000. Literally. Would you like to have $700,000 when you retire, despite student loans or the cost of housing? No gimmicks involved. Think like Tom and get rich. Listen now to get started. 

Click here to see the first spreadsheet that shows the least you're likely to end up with if you follow Tom's advice.

Click here to see the second spreadsheet that shows the most you're likely to end up with if you follow Tom's advice.

If you're a hardcore latte or espresso drinker, here is one way you can save a ton of money. Ditch your local coffee house and order a one-touch espresso machine like the one Tom owns. There are many similar units that will make you a cup of coffee just as good as your favorite coffeee shop. Click on the photo below to see it.

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401(k) CONTRIBUTIONS AND HURRICANE INVESTING Many interesting emails since our last money episode! What do you do if your company match puts you up against the annual contribution limit? What's the best way to buy a used car? What kind of mutual funds should you invest in on a low military salary of $23,000? If your credit score has gone all the way up to 818, is there anything you can do to get it up to 850? And plenty more!

Tips on Maximizing Your 401(k) Match

Social media is spoiling Millennial and Gen Z finances, survey finds

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IS TOM SELLECK JUST A DISHONEST CREEP? Listen to this episode and you decide! In a TV commercial that has run about a million times, actor Tom Selleck says he believes he has a way to stay secure in your home for good. But is that true? Some people who did what Tom recommends are being thrown out of their homes, possibly because Tom forgot to include some key facts in his commercial? Our Tom breaks down this TV commercial bit-by-bit and brings you the latest on the people who are being given the boot.

Take a look at the TV commercial Tom talks about in this episode.

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MAKING YOUR VACATION PLANS? Why spend more than you have to? Tom's got you covered. Use his travel tricks with credit cards, rental cars, booking hotels, airfare, and more!

Click here to get that $25 credit Tom told you about when you book your first trip using!

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POOR SHAMING: WHAT IS IT AND IS IT WRONG? Chase Bank got a ton of blowback for a tweet in which they offered advice to people with "low bank balances" on how to save more money. So they apologized. But wait: is that really wrong? Is shaming the poor wrong?

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SHOULD YOU BE INVESTING IN LYFT OR UBER? Most of us use ride-sharing apps. But now you can own a piece of these companies through Wall Street IPOs! A sure bet, right? Not so fast.

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Here is the letter that Jayson sent in:

Tom- I wanted to send you a thank you today, Tax Day. Your approach for finding a tax guy worked wonders, and all in will save me $471!

Here’s the story: I am a late 20s guy who moved back to California for a job after receiving an MBA from a top tier school on the east coast. I had a tax guy in the city I went to school in, but when I was moving he told me (rightfully so) to find someone else because he wasn’t overly familiar with California.

I’m lucky to have a small brain trust of mentors in my life (something you advocate for), a few of who live in the city I moved to. I asked them for a recommendation (something you advise), and two gave me the name of the same professional CPA while the other two gave me different names. I called the three CPAs for a free introductory consultation to see if there was a fit. One was good, but not a fit, and one who was more for small businesses recommended on his own that I talk to the same guy two of my mentors recommended! I called him, and we hit it off great. I explained my situation in full and asked the series of questions you advise when hiring professionals. We worked out a fair deal for not just preparing my taxes but also being available throughout the year (something you also recommend, not making the accountant solely an Apr 15 worker but part of the money team).

My accountant did a beautiful job on my returns, and even with paying him his rate, I expect to save $471 when considering extra deductions, money management, and work he’s done. That’s $471 that’s staying safe in my Vanguard Prime Money Market account.

And maybe the icing on the cake, I was told I was one of the most prepared/mature clients he had, and for “such a youngster” he could tell I was on the right path. He asked me where it came from, and I proudly told him all about the Professor.

Thanks Tom,




YOUR MONEY EMAILS What do you do when you've paid off your last credit card? Is a 401(k) a good idea for you? Can you get a guaranteed return on stocks? What do you do when an employee in your office is flirting with you? And much more.

Here's an article Tom used to prepare for this episode. How much of a return can you expect from the stock market every year? Could be much less than you think!

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A LISTENER'S INCREDIBLE MONEY SUCCESS STORY Hear an email from a longtime Leykis listener that lays out specifically how Tom's rules for your career and your success have worked for him. How did our young listener get to an annual income of $185K with an almost-paid off house? You need to hear this story and follow these steps to the letter!

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MONEY REGRETS Did you know that 63% of millennials regret buying their first homes? SIXTY-THREE PERCENT! Why? And what this mean to you? Can you really own a home for less than the cost of renting? Tom spells it out here chapter and verse!

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