Aug 10th, 2021 | Money Podcast

TARANTINO: ‘OK, LADY, WHEN I BECOME A SUCCESSFUL WRITER, YOU'LL NEVER SEE PENNY ONE FROM MY SUCCESS!" Wildly successful filmmaker Quentin Tarantino said this to his mother at age 12. Sound familiar? Tom explains.

Quentin Tarantino says he vowed not to give his mom a 'penny' of his fortune after she belittled his writing as a child

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Submitted by Romaggio on

Well put Tom.
There certainly is a lot one can say about Tarantino.
We are lucky enough to remember when PULP FICTION first hit. Seeing that, JACKIE BROWN and ONCE UPON A TIME in the theater was an unforgettable experience.

What both of you said takes honesty and guts.

Parents love to wield their power over their kids throughout their lives. They have the audacity to make a negative reinforcements, "have a back up plan," coming from complete ignorance and then shrug responsibility and say things like my mom did, "Mothers are like that."

Thank you for having the conversation no one else would.

Thanks to Quentin and you, Tom.

Submitted by UncleKenta on

and the enabling dip shit dad stuck in it. That movie scene is powerfully tragic.

Most parents are horrible, but act like they are some kind of hero for fucking, then shitting out a copy of themselves. Then they teach their shit spawn brat kids to grow up and be as horrible as they are. Then some even start over and do it again, and again... Lather, rinse, repeat.

My biological alcoholic chain smoking dad couldn't stop at one family. He had to fuck up TWO families. Three kids each, plus one child, a biological sister I've never met. Mom and dad gave that baby away in the 1960's. Oh and, me my brother and sister, didn't know about her until after both my parents were dead. We found letters. Surprise! Why? Very probably because my dad was fucking my mom, while he was still married to his first wife.

My brother is a long married miserable raging abusive alcoholic asshole with one kid. His wife? Yep, the child of an alcoholic too. My sister, married an asshole alcoholic. His dad, yep an abusive alcoholic. Gee how'd we all get here?!! If I could do it all again, I would have left every one of them when I turned 18. But that never occurred to me back then.

My whole life thinking something was wrong with me for not getting married and all the BS that comes with that. Now when parents give me shit about it, I just turn point it right back into their fucking face. "Hey why aren't you married? Don't you want kids?". I reply: "Just lucky I guess!" The look on their face is often priceless. I love visiting my nieces and nephew, and when it gets ugly, I just get the fuck out of Dodge. Buh byeeeee!!!!!!!! hahahahaha! And no. I don't want kids. Why would I want kids? I'VE SEEN YOURS.

The best part, they act like they have their life so together, and call me the crazy 'goob'. But I know it's an act. And, my net worth is higher than all of them COMBINED. Although, it is not hard to beat em at that, because they are all in debt up to their eyeballs. Any positive net worth will beat 'em haha. I've been debt free for years now, thank you Money Monday!

Parents please, "with a cherry on top": just shut the fuck up. We aren't impressed by your stupid fucking kids. And stop begging for handouts trying to sell us those shit tasting girl scout cookies or pointless coupon books. Pay for your own goddam kids, then go fuck yourselves up your ass with a giant barbed wire dildo. Every last one of you. Thank you. God blessssss, and namaste.


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You sure did it Tom! Fuckin aye! Your work has had a tremendous impact on my life and many others. And I didn't discover you until around 2008, on the radio at 3pm in Mesa Arizona. I was in my late 30's back then. Better late then never. Incredible. This episode was very therapeutic.
Thank you Dad.

Submitted by TurquoiseTurtle on

The truth is most people have kids to fit in with society and because the woman got baby rabies and wanted to ‘experience motherhood’. The parents are typically completely incompetent and have no clue how to raise the kids, especially boys into men. Having kids just makes them ‘feel good’ and the parents are ‘entertained’ by the ‘cute’ little kid. Their whole identity revolves around being a parent cuz most of their own life is boring and meaningless.

Most parents are brainwashed sheep...