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Money Podcast

WORST STOCK MARKET WEEK IN 12 YEARS How did YOU make out? Find out how Tom made out. Did he sell it all...and what he's doing NOW.

<--break->Here's a great analysis from the Wall Street Journal. 

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WOW! THE DOW DROPS OVER 1,000 POINTS What do we do now? Find out what Tom did as a result, and what YOU should do. Also, find out what you SHOULDN'T do now!<--break->

See why the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the S&P 500 dropped so much in one day.

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MORE STORIES ABOUT CREEPING DEADBEATISM It's all around us! People borrowing money they can't afford to pay back, and the journalists who feel sorry for them! Plus, learn the reason why YOU shouldn't feel sorry for them.

Here's the Wall Street Journal article about car-buying deadbeats to which Tom refers in this episode.

Yes, it's true that car dealers actually make more money on financing your car than on selling you the car!

Here's the CNBC article about student loan deadbeats to which Tom refers in this episode.

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YOUR CREDIT SCORE COULD BE GOING DOWN WITHOUT YOU KNOWING Also, is it worth the effort to get your credit score from the 750s to the 800s? Should you pay off old credit cards you don't use anymore? Should you be totally out of mutual funds and stocks at this point? Should you sell vehicles that are underwater in order to eliminate debt? Tom knows!

Here is the story from the Wall Street Journal about the upcoming changes to how FICO credit scores are calculated.

Click here and get yourself an American Express Blue Business Card like the one Tom discussed in this episode.

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ARE THINGS ARE BETTER THAN THEY SEEM? Meet Laurence B. Siegel, the author of more than 200 articles on investing and related topics.  He'll tell you why capitalism isn't as evil as Millennials and Gen Zs think. He believes that the world has gotten much better, rather than worse. He even believes that corporations will be the ones to clean up the environment!

Find out why you need to stop hating corporations and start investing in them.

Get a copy of Larry's book, Fewer, Richer, Greener: Prospects for Humanity in an Age of Abundance.

Here's the original piece in the Wall Street Journal that inspired Tom to do this interview.

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IT"S CREDIT CARD CASH REBATE TIME! The numbers are in (see below), and for 2019, Tom is about to scoop up over $2,500 in cold hard cash just for using (and for responsibly managing) two specific credit cards. Hear step-by-step how Tom does this every year and how this kind of credit card usage can actually improve your credit score. (Dave Ramsey would hate this!)

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"WHY I LOVE MONEY...AND YOU SHOULD TOO!" There are an awful lot of people these days who have a problem with money. They don't like corporations or people with money or the trappings of money. They think money should be given away rather than earned, taxed from the pockets of rich people who've earned their money and put into the pockets of those who haven't.

Tom's not ashamed to say that he LOVES money! In fact, Tom wants to have as much money as he can possibly get. Find out why!

This article from the New York Daily News called Rich people live healthy lives nearly a decade longer than poor people, new study says is what started it all.

In this episode, Tom talks about this piece from Vice about the two homeless moms in Oakland who took over and squatted in an unoccupied property with their kids.

Tom mentioned a book he swears by called The Millionaire Next Door. He considers this book to be like his own life story!

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TOM'S YEAR-END MESSAGE ABOUT MONEY What can we do better in 2020? What we need to do in the new year. Why we need to start now. Is it wrong for credit cards to give the best deals to their wealthiest, most creditworthy customers? Tom lays it all out for you!

Here is the opinion piece from the Los Angeles Times about credit card rewards that Tom references in this episode.

Here's how to subscribe to Consumer Reports.

Here's how to subscribe to

Here's how to start an account with Vanguard.

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TOM'S FAVORITE MUTUAL FUNDS FOR 2020 Gold and Silver-rated funds Tom trusts in the new year. Things he's avoiding. What about dividends and real estate? It's all here!

Here's a very useful article on 2020 from Barron's that Tom used to prepare for this episode. IMPORTANT: don't make any investments into any Vanguard funds mentioned until 12/17/19 once capital gains have all been distributed.

Here is Tom's total of dividends and interest for 2019 (as of 12/15/2019):


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MAN OVERBOARD! Tom has been warning you for more than two years, and now a recession is near. Regular listeners have made a lot of money following Tom's advice over the years. What should you do now??

In preparing for this episode, Tom used this piece from The New York Times: How the Recession of 2020 Could Happen.

Barron's also thinks a recession is coming in Trump Might Have Made a Recession More Likely. Here’s How.

Here's how Marketwatch sees 2020:  Are stock-market investors underestimating the chances of a recession in 2020?

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