Sep 21st, 2021 | Money Podcast

LOOK OUT BELOW! The stock markets have been dropping dramatically. Tom has suggestions for your savings and your portfolio!

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Submitted by matt120 on

Solid show Tom. Really good, concise advice.

Speaking of cars, I remember years ago you talking about getting a couple of years old used Lexus. Listening to you I thought what a great idea. World class luxury with Toyota reliability. I tried to do the same thing. Unfortunately, at that time, they were hard to come by used. I wish you would speak about it sometime.

Submitted by IonZephyr on

I love episodes like this. Thanks again, Tom!

Are you still invested in BTI, by the way? Is it one of your favorite dividend producing stocks?

Submitted by RudyRayRay on

Tonight I felt I needed to back track to the basics and pay off my loan for good and not waste time doing it.

Thanks for your advice Tom.