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EVEN MORE RENT CONTROL? A renter's group in Santa Ana, CA thinks California's rent control doesn't go far enough! So they're trying to get a measure on the ballot that will limit rent increases to only 3% or just 80% of the rate of inflation. What about the property rights of the people who own rental properties including many middle class families?

Here is the piece from LAist that lays the Santa Ana proposal out.

Here is the Facebook thread Tom discusses in this episode where you can join in.

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RUSH LIMBAUGH'S LUNG CANCER DIAGNOSIS Tom has a complicated history with and complex feelings about fellow talk radio personality Rush Limbaugh. Hear some things you never knew about Rush and Tom, Tom's reaction to Rush's cancer diagnosis, and find out why it's hard for him to feel badly for Rush.

Here is the song (along with others of its kind) that KFI Radio used to play ad infinitum before Tom Leykis and Rush Limbaugh were heard in tandem in Los Angeles radio beginning in 1988: KFI had about one percent of the Southern California radio audience at that time.


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PEOPLE WHO KEEP BRINGING UP THE RAPE ALLEGATION AGAINST KOBE BRYANT So many of us continue to feel the pain of Kobe Bryant's untimely death. But some people just can't stop bringing up the 2003 sexual assault allegation that followed Kobe ever since. Can we just feel bad about Kobe's death without this never-proven allegation rearing its ugly head?

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OUR LISTENERS REACT TO THE DEATH OF KOBE BRYANT Our listener reactions to Kobe's death are all over the map and some will, frankly, offend Kobe fans and basic human decency. But we don't believe in censorship, so it's all here, the reverent, the irreverent, even the musical. Click to hear what our listeners had to say about the tragic death of Kobe Bryant.

A short, bonus episode that's nothing like the previous episode.

If you are easily offended, please don't press the play button! Skip over this episode and wait for the next!


THE LOSS OF KOBE BRYANT Kobe Bryant was more than the greatest basketball player of all time. Much more. This episode is ad free for all subscribers.

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TOM TALKS RELIGION with the former editor-in-chief of Christianity Today, Mark Galli. Mark was in the news recently when he wrote a piece called Trump Should Be Removed from Office, shocking to many because it appeared in an evangelical magazine founded by the late Reverend Billy Graham.

Read Mark Galli's piece on which this episode was based.

Click here to see Mark's website.

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PELOTON UPROAR Social media has been in a tizzy about a holiday TV commercial for the Peloton stationary bike. What's the fuss all about? Tom breaks it down.

How do you feel about this Peloton ad? Before you answer, make sure you've seen the actual spot, posted below:

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THOSE POOR HOLLYWOOD ASSISTANTS HAVE TO WORK SO HARD! You have no idea how hard life is for all the talentless hacks who arrive in Los Angeles and want to get paid to become Darlene Love's or Downtown Julie Brown's personal assistants! And now some Hollywood producers and writers say they want to DO something about this travesty!

Here's the Los Angeles Times story that started it all.

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THE NEW "CHARLIE'S ANGELS' REBOOT IS A FLOP...AND IT'S YOUR FAULT! "Charlie's Angels" actor/director Elizabeth Banks can't believe that the film's opening weekend had slightly more than 1/4 the audience that the leader, "Ford vs. Ferrari" had. what's worse, it's because you're a sexist!

This is the story Tom used to prepare for this episode.

See the actual box office numbers here.

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"DAD DEPRIVATION": THE REAL CAUSE OF SO MANY MASS SHOOTINGS  As the communities of Saugus and Santa Clarita, Cailfornia struggle to recover from still another mass shooting and continue to grieve, Americans still refuse to deal with the major factor that binds so many of these incidents together: Mass shooters and other criminals (including the Saugus killer Nate Berhow) are often raised in homes with no father around. Single mother homes.

Frequent guest Dr. Warren Farrell's essay on this subject.

The Wall Street Journal's story about the death of Saugus shooter Nate Berhow.

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Get your copy of Dr. Warren Farrell's book, The Boy Crisis.