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In the News

WHAT IF YOU FOUND OUT THAT YOU'RE ONE OF 30 SIBLINGS? That's what happened to this woman in the Bay Area when she took a "harmless" DNA test to satisfy her curiosity. Ever think about what could happen if you took one of these tests? Tom has!

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EX-WIFE COULD MAKE BABIES USING EX-HUSBAND'S SPERM AND MAKE HIM PAY! A listener sent us this story from the Arizona Republic that will make you angry. Ever get asked for your DNA? This guy was. And now he's gonna pay! Could this be you one day?

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COLLEGE ADMISSION SCANDAL Social media is having a field day over the arrests of actresses Lori Laughlin (Full House/Fuller House) and Felicity Huffman (Desperate Housewives), both charged with hiring someone named William "Rick" Singer to allegedly help their kids get into major universities, either by helping them to cheat on their SATs or by pretending that their kids were standouts in high school sports they never played. But is this all that different from the way that things have always been?

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A-ROD ASKED J-LO TO MARRY HIM...AND SHE SAID YES! Isn't that romantic? Isn't that wonderful? Aren't these two great people? Wouldn't you like to be in love like that? Click here and get Tom's take!

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STILL ANOTHER TEACHER ACCUSED OF BONING HER 13-YEAR OLD STUDENT in Arizona. This story is really outrageous! It includes text messages, naked photos, videos, a phone confrontation between the boy's parents, the teacher and her husband, police, handcuffs, and so much more! No one tells a story like this better than Tom.

Click here to read the Arizona Republic article to which Tom refers, which includes videos of the teacher's arrest and arraignment as well as photos of the evidence.

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OUR NEWEST FEATURE IS HERE! There is so much hypocrisy right in our faces every day of the week and so Tom decided to put those stories all in one place.  It's called Hypocrisy News! On our first edition of Hypocrisy News, we look at our latest hypocrites, Lisa Borders, the now-former CEO of #TimesUp , Gillette (as a result of the arrest of New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft), and the late KTLA Morning News weekend anchor Chris Burrous as well as the hypocrisy of KTLA itself! Find out what the all-new Hypocrisy News is all about!

UPDATE!!! Read it if you dare! Click here for the Chris Burrous autopsy and toxicology reports in their entirety! We warned you!

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THE AMAZON HQ2 DEBACLE Amazon promised 25,000 new jobs in a new secondary headquarters called HQ2 in New York City in exchange for a $3 billion tax incentive. Suddenly, the rabble rousers and the protesters got restless and the deal was undone as Amazon decided to pull out. Is this a victory for the little guy? Tom lays it out.

Here are two of the articles Tom referenced in preparing for this episode: Amazon had New York City in the bag. Then left-wing activists got fired up and Amazon HQ2 defeat is a win for Queens activists but a ‘facepalm’ for tech leaders.

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THERE'S ONLY ONE SURE WAY TO END THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN It's not going to matter what happens between Donald Trump and Nancy Pelosi. It's going to take something more radical. This episode includes your calls!

Click here to see the video of the unpaid federal worker who said that she had to choose between chemotherapy and rent.

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HOW TO END THE GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN The politicians can't (or won't) end our federal government shutdown. But someone can. Will that someone have the BALLS to do what needs to be done? Tom lays it out!

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GILLETTE ATTACKS ITS OWN CUSTOMERS An ad campaign from razor blade company Gillette accuses men of something they call "toxic masculinity" and goes into details about what men are supposed to do about things such as "bullying" and "saying the right things". Does it make sense for a company to attack its own target audience in commercials? Tom speaks out!

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