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Do you not feel your attitudes toward casual sex partners contribute to people not caring about each other?

From this show:

"I don't want to be an asshole to complete strangers. I want to be more polite"


"If she cries now you know you're doing it right"

"How can anyone care what's on her mind? What does it matter?"

It seems like you care more about the feelings of strangers than people you're having casual sex with.

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man he is not talking about sex and dating, where indeed caring too much there can (will) be catastrophic for YOU. He's is talking about talking to people, saying ''hi'' being polite, the MINIMUM effort. This harms noone and can also benefit you

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I think this is a tough one at best.

I think this is what we become. I feel that as technology advances swiftly, we've become too comfortable in dealing with it that it is so neutral-like that we don't to give them up, which led to such paradigm shifts that killed off various functions as shopping malls. And just like that, what is lost is human socialization. What replaced it is nothing more than mediocrity. That includes the rise of karens, douchebags and absolute nutjobs. It's sad.

But do we as individuals have to be like this? No. I believe that there's going to be a time when people have to change, regardless of changing times or technological advances. I think Tom is spot on about this.

As for this subject and Leykis 101, I think they're two separate issues.

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when they introduced the phone menus and call centers.

Old school: If your new dishwasher was broken, you called the Sears store, probably talked to the guy who sold it to you, and they took care of it.
Then they invented phone menus, and you were redirected to a call center where Kevin from Bangladesh read from a script, knowing next to nothing about the dozens of different brands and devices he "supported".
Now many major tech companies have literally no human contact options at all. You fix your problem through the AI "Virtual Whatever" or you don't have a problem. I am convinced that many of these systems are designed to be deliberately repetitive and frustrating so you will simply give up and go away. It is not just tech companies. Everybody, medical providers, insurance companies, and financial services are some of the worst. All these entities have isolated themselves from the very people they depend on to make a profit and make their customers jump through bureaucratic hoops. I'm convinced that this constant level of increasing difficulty and frustration experienced when trying to do the simplest task--like make a Dr appointment--has been increasing exponentially along with the ever more complex non-human interactions that drive it over the past few decades and is largely responsible for the peoples' nastiness in everyday life.
This isolation is most apparent I think in hiring. Gone of course are the days of jumping in your car with the classifieds and cruising around filling out applications and getting a few minutes to pitch yourself. But now employers want to put as much distance as they can between themselves and potential employees. I am glad I'm old and retired, Not much interested in seeing it get worse.