May 12th, 2020 | Tom Talks

NOW YOU CAN CLEARLY SEE THAT THERE IS NO SECURITY Tom has been consistently warning you not to think you'll ever actually be secure. In this episode, he looks at all the ways that has played out.

As far back as February 2019, before our world changed forever, Tom warned you about your need and desire to feel secure.



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Excellent points Tom, and glad to see you're looking after your health.

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Underfunded Pensions - check!

Its a little over $86,000 dollars per household in CA.

Plummeting tax revenue in cities such as San Diego and elsewhere due to the pandemic.

But keep it closed, right? Nah, even Governor Newsom understands that gaping holes in the balance sheet for local govts is a disaster, and continues to grow as the lockdown persists.
And to top it all off, he's got his hand out to the Federal Govt to bail out his mis-managed cities.

I love the part where Newsom says "These budget shortfalls are so much bigger than any state." No shit, sherlock, your mayors are out of control spenders.

Eh, whats a Trillion between friends, right? I mean, it only means CA taxes and property taxes increase. No biggie, right Tom?