Feb 7th, 2019 | Tom Talks

SECURITY...HOW CAN YOU HAVE IT? Most of us are raised to aspire to security in life. But what does that mean? And how do we get it? In response to a listener email, Tom tells you the reality of getting and having security.

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Submitted by panc1974 on

Tom, I love this topic. The advice you gave during this podcast is a microcosm of the advice you gave on a wide variety of topics throughout your career (women, dating, investing, money, careers, & schooling) Thanks Tom ~ John

Submitted by ben.vargas86 on

"... if you believe in security you have been duped..." I could not say it any better.

Submitted by curtisd on

for showing us the way. Much much appreciated

Submitted by curtisd on

looking forward to it

Submitted by curtisd on

looking forward to it

Submitted by TallTim on

Not that its any surprise, but Tom is exactly on the money with this one.

My personal rule is I refuse to live in the past. Sure, I have memories that I look back on fondly, but I don't allow some misplaced nostalgic urge trap me forever in amber. I have a friend that is slowly stagnating, and its hard to watch. When we get together he wants to see the same movie from a list of 10 or so older movies that he likes. Nothing new, nothing beyond that small selection.

It shouldn't surprise anyone that this guy is involved with a woman he's been living with for years now. I guess this feeds into the "women are dream killers" topic that Tom talks about. Keep improving yourself, keep up with current events and social changes. You don't have to like or love any of them. Just be aware of them. Don't disconnect yourself from humanity because you love all that old stuff that was comforting to you.

Complacency and being comfortable is a warning. Don't miss that red flag, or it could come back on you.

Good show, Tom.

Submitted by nihal on

Everyone talks about "security" in a relationship and in a job, I knew that there was no such thing all along. Tom Leykis really explained it in detail.