Oct 1st, 2021 | Tom Talks

TOM'S LOVE LETTER TO CALIFORNIA October 5, 2021 marks Tom's 40th anniversary since leaving New York City to find the love of his life.

California’s population declines for the first time in state history

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Submitted by UncleKenta on

One of my favorites in AZ. haha And Arizona didn't always suck either. I got out in 2010. Never going back. How's that Lake Mead water level doin? haha. And a tribute to my New York friends when they would visit AZ, and I quote: "Oh my gawd it's so hot out hee-yah, everything is on fi-yah." (the words here and fire are two syllables to NY'kers) "There's no good food out heeyah." lol I love my NY friends. Still keep in touch every long while. NY'kers are a very unique species.

Submitted by Hubcap on

I passed my 40th anniversary as a Californian June of last year. That "this is home" feeling hit me when I got off a flight--courtesy of the US Navy--in San Diego sometime in 1973. Made the permanent move from Denver to San Diego June of 1980, and never looked back. I go back to Denver now, and yeah it's cool to cruise the old neighborhood and shit, but mostly I think, leaving this place was a good decision.
In 40 years, I've never bought a heavy coat, had my car "winterized", or given a second though to frozen pipes.

More recently I had that experience in Zihuatanejo, Mexico and I've decided to retire here. In no way because I don't still love San Diego, but for $260k I have a house on a nearly private beach.