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Hour 1: The Olympics Are Bullshit. Tom is pissed about the over vaginization of the Olympics over time. Hour 2: Cont The Olympics Are Bullshit. Hour 3: Unscreened Calls.


Hour 1: Why You Need To Treat Women Like Crap. Hour 2: Money Monday. Hour 3: Money Monday.


Hour 1: WOP/Flash Friday. Hour 2: WOP/Flash Friday. Hour 3: WOP/Flash Friday. CoCo Joey Diaz in studio. Hour 4: WOP/Flash Friday.


Hour 1: Ask The Atheist. Hour 2: Ask The Atheist. Hour 3: Leykis 101. Hour 4: Leykis 101.


Hour 1: Obama vs Romney. President Obama currently leads Mitt Romney in a new poll 49% to 43%. Hour 2: Be Funny. Hour 3: Jon Taffer from Spike TV's Bar Rescue joins Tom in studio to talk about the bar business and take your calls.


Hour 1: Why Have Kids? Tom wants to know how you would feel if you were the parents of the shooter in Colorado. Hour 2: Cont. Why Have Kids and Tequila Tasting with Ernesto Aguirre from Angel Bandito Tequila. Hour 3: Cont. Angel Bandito Tequila tasting and overall tequila discussion with Ernesto Aguirre. Unscreened Calls last half hour.


Hour 1: Fred Willard Jerkin It. Hour 2: Fred Willard & Chick-Fil-A. Hour 3: Leykis 101 Hour 4: Leykis 101


Hour 1: Women- We Are NOT In Love With You. Hour 2: Cont We Are Not In Love and How Has Tom Saved You. Hour 3: Be Funny- The Lost Segment. Tom does a bit he has not done on the radio in over 30 years. You have NEVER heard this. DO NOT MISS THIS HOUR!


Hour 1: Marrying People With Debt. Don't do it. Hour 2: You Are Your Friends. Tom thinks it is perfectly within reason to judge a person based on those they associate themselves with. Hour 3: New Yahoo CEO is Pregnant. Unscreened Calls last segment.


Hour 1: Flash Friday/WOP Hour 2: Flash Friday/WOP. Live simulcast with The Russ Martin Show. Hour 3: Flash Friday/WOP Hour 4: Flash Friday/WOP