Sep 3rd, 2020 | Tom Talks

GOODBYE TRUMPTARDS! Tom decided not only to block Donald Trump supporters from his social media pages, but from his life. Have you done this? Hear about Tom's experience saying goodbye to friends he's known for decades as well as many with whom he has worked.

Here is what Tom posted on The Tom Leykis Show Facebook page about Trump supporters and the response to it

Have you had to cut Trump supporters out of your life? Tell Tom your story:



Submitted by mrbruce1 on

I've lost lots of friends over this ans even my own sister, they are all dead to me!! It's one thing if they would actually listen to me but they never do and try to convince me I'm wrong, well I'm done with it !! Good for you and thanks for giving me the courage to do the same

Submitted by War-A-Tron on

Thirty years ago,when I was a kid, I would wonder how the population of a country could radicalise off someone with a Charlie Chaplin moustache

Thirty years from now, I imagine there will also be kids asking the question about how people radicalised off this Trump bloke on the telly.

Submitted by gingerrican420 on

In a world or crazy you are one of the best voices out there !!!!

Submitted by jlem6286 on

Dont have anything to do since right after the 2016 election! Right after election day I got the I need to find god I am going to hell bullshit (I am a proud atheist pot smoker both hate that) from both and cut off all contact (up to the point my dad died this month and we never talked again, not even angry anymore fuck em, got my dad right here!

Submitted by theaceitsme on

I am not on your friends list , I am a 30 something African man in Finland .but you are like a father to me . much love .

Submitted by carlene on

I was so happy to hear this excellent message. I wish more people was brave enough to do this! Trump reminds me of hitler.... and I for one am glad that I just started listening to you again, and will continue to pay my monthly dues to listen to you, knowing that it is a safe place where people will not be belittled for not supporting his jerkass.
Your amazing!!!

Submitted by deweydec on

I really enjoy the podcast. This episode resonates with me as I too have cut out all Trump supporters. The real derangement are the people who think he is the greatest president of all time. That is delusional thinking. There are about 100 members of the GOP who are openly supporting Biden...I have never in my life seen that many members of the GOP support the opposite party and I think that speaks volumes about how awful Trump is.

Submitted by do78 on

I am happy i'm not the only one cutting off MAGA friends/family. my whole family likes that psychotic. for the record I'm libertarian and have never voted democrat in my life. Trump takes it too far. I cant believe how people truly feel when the mask falls off.

Submitted by do78 on

even though i loath Trump and didnt vote for him (i'm libertarian) libertarians are 50% conservative. so i'm scared to even agree with an occassional trump policy since Tom might cut me off. I think Tom needs to separate Trumps milk toast Republican platform from his psychotic narcassistic behavior. alot of people loath the man and didnt vote for him but will agree with some of his platform issues. the mask thing covid quarantine should stop already. its destroying businesses. Tom says he will cut me off over that but that doesnt. mean i like Trump. 2 of my relatives have died of covid and another 9 have tested positive.