Feb 1st, 2020 | Tom Talks

TODAY'S KIDS: "OUT OF CONTROL, UNGRATEFUL LITTLE WEASELS" Kids today: they cost more to raise, they live at home longer and they're more obnoxious and ungrateful than ever. Is it worth the effort? Also, hear what one mother is doing about it!

Here's the Facebook page of Shaketha Marion McGregor, the CEO of This Mom Means Business Inc.

Here's a story about Shaketha and her kids.

Is having kids worth the effort? Let Tom have it: tom@blowmeuptom.com.



Submitted by vito137 on

If anybody deserves a "momcation", it's this woman. As a former classroom teacher, I definitely can appreciate this.

Submitted by gokusan on

I will be retiring in 2 years at the age of 42 with no wife and no kids. I will retire with a full pension, benefits, Roth IRA, gold, silver, real estate and few more investments in certain sectors of the stock market. I also plan to keep saving and investing for the rest of my life even in retirement just like Tom does. Maybe I will work part time just to continue funding my Roth IRA but none of this would be possible if I had a bitch of a wife and little ungrateful shit heads to look after and raise. Thanks again Dad because as you know, your advice is priceless and I will continue to support your podcast for as long as you choose to do it. :) MONEY MONDAYS, LEYKIS 101, THE RED PILL & MGTOW4LIFE :)

Submitted by Faithful LIstener on

Simple as that. Too many of the guys I worked with told me back then, "You've made it to twenty-five without marriage or kids. Go the distance! The future is yours!" The incredible social pressure to have kids to make someone else happy is crushing, particularly for women. Someone else might be happy, but they won't be there to raise them. I have friends who are retired educators, and they all, to a one, state they could not retire a moment too soon. They also state, without exception, they would not go into teaching today. This is tragic, and I thank Tom for giving me the insight and courage needed to say "NO!" in the face of these pressures. Tom was the first to state this, and the most accurate in his analysis. Was, and still is.

Submitted by TomLeykisNNN on

...you didn't find out the hard way!

Submitted by arobles on

You over look every joy children give. As with everything you equate priceless human beings with money. Caught in satins trap of love of money. Children are gifts from God. They are funny, pure unbiased love. Each child has their own personality and gifts. Raising kids, having a grown family and having grand children is what gives life meaning. Without my large family life would be empty. After the kids grow up they still need parenting. I got this subscription for my son who refuses to listen. He thinks I am trying to get him to Dump That Bitch. Well, he is correct! He is dating a bar fly, who got pregnant against my sons will, told me I will never ask your son for a dime. No not a dime, but $1000. bucks a month, and a back support bill of $14 grand! She would not let him see his little girl. So he did not offer support. Based on the statement she swore she did not want child support. She planned it so she could get a big lump sum to go buy a home with, a down payment on a home. What does my dump ass kid do. He said I am paying for it I might as well be getting some of it. Now he is dating and paying child support! Dumb ass kid!!!! I need to be here to protect his assets. He does not have a clue that if he moves her in, he can bot get her out she is a guest! If he marries her she get 1/2 of all his retirement! If not careful she”ll end up with his home too. I still love the stupid kid, he is 33 years old. He makes 6 figure income in industrial sales. You think he would know a gold digger when she gets in bed with her. He is pussy blind!
The point was I love my kids snd grand children. I also have great grand children. All of them have brought joy and sometimes they mess up. I love being there fore them too. Eventually, they realize they should have listened to their mom or grandma! I am sorry you never felt what it was like to take a nap with a new born. Your own child. You never got to see them grow up. Sure I still spend a bunch of money on my family. Money is never more important than my kids. My husband and I have a good life style. We are not rich. We enjoy every day. Money is not security, happiness, money is just currency that is not even worth the paper it is printed on should bad time roll in. It is better to have a big living family!