Dec 11th, 2019 | Leykis 101

BACK CHILD SUPPORT What should you do if you find out that your kid is not your kid? Try to collect back child support from the real father? This really happened to a reader of an advice column. Listen and find out how not to become THIS guy!

Here is the original advice column Tom talks about here.

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Submitted by TallTim on

You'd be able to extract back the money you paid some slut that you thought was loyal. Of course, doing it now at 30 years later, not so easy.

Society in my view won't improve until the all-out endorsement of slutting it up stops. I know, men benefit somewhat from loose chicks, but honestly there are none there that you'd want to be in a long term relationship with, much less marry.

Maybe the pendulum will swing back eventually. Enjoy the decline.

Submitted by JohnFromAustin on

Hi, Professor. This episode got a fist pump from me. Not because of the topic so much, but because the show is finally (Dare I say it?) maturing with its audience. I bet your paying subscribers are not the millennials who want everything for free, including the Tom Leykis Show. So, we paying subscribers probably have made many mistakes that you warn millennials not to make. Advising us paying subscribers on recovering from, in addition to avoiding, life's mistakes is both valuable and refreshing. As always, thanks so much for your sage advice.

Submitted by Teacher Kenn on

Is it possible this guy just happened to do the 23 and Me test for kicks and giggles, then as a result he found out about the truth of the girl he raised? As most people, he feels used and wants revenge or justice for the wrongs of him. However, if what Tom is saying, if he went to 23 and Me to find out about the daughter, then yes I agree why wait this long.....

After listening to this Podcast and reading the article, I wasn't able to find out the reasons why this guy decided to do 23 and Me. Was it for Kicks and Giggles or did he have suspicions about the girl he raised.