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FORMER MAJOR LEAGUER SHOWS US WHY ADDICTS DON'T DESERVE SECOND CHANCES Josh Hamilton, who formerly played with the Angels and who had two tours with the Texas Rangers, is now accused of throwing a full bottle of water at his teenage daughter, then grabbing the chair on which she was sitting out from under her and throwing it at her. He has a history of crack addiction and alcoholism, and has received a number of second chances. Find out what this tells us about him and what it means for you and the addicts in your life.

Here's the latest Josh Hamilton story from the Dallas Morning News.

This 2013 story from the Los Angeles Times when the Angels signed Josh Hamilton tells you all about Hamilton's past, a story that maybe the Angels should have taken as a warning.

From Heavy.com: Josh Hamilton Shares Four Daughters With Ex-Wife Katie Chadwick.

From NBC 5/Dallas: Josh Hamilton Arrested, Accused of Felony Injury to a Child

Tom thinks that addicts don't deserve second chances. What do you think? Tell him: tom@blowmeuptom.com.



Submitted by TallTim on

Sometimes I feel like I'm throwing a message in a bottle and it just bobs out to sea never to be seen again, but here's a few topics I'm curious about:

1. The devolution of PG&E to where they're doing rolling blackouts - Venezuela style - in what is supposed to be a world-class state.
2. The propensity of major city leadership in California ignoring their housing and homeless (feces akimbo) problem, also what is up with the rats infesting L.A. - much worse than Chicago or New York.
3. The drug abuse problem is so bad, that needles are everywhere -- supplied by San Francisco clueless leadership -- and residents are fleeing California at rates never before seen.
4. How long will it take before California's tax base is so eroded that they default en masse? CALPERS isn't making it any easier with their mismanagement and refusing to cut pension benefits -- just let the taxpayer pay!
5. Chicago is going the same route as Detroit, and their newly elected clueless mayor seems hell-bent on fast "patches" to problems that are increasing their "junk" status with Chicago's massively underfunded pensions. (The entire state is doing badly, but Chicago is particularly turning into even more of a murdering mess -- even with some of the most restrictive "gun control" in the country.)

That's just a few - I'm sure other listeners have others.

I like hearing you talk, Tom, I just could give a shit about some sports junky who should be in rehab or jail.

Submitted by debassman on

Great Job Tom!! Loved the imitations of the southern religious right accent! Very funny!

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Josh Hamilton's ex-wife Katie Hamilton on dating her daughter's friend: 'I feel torn'.
One of the best cast members on Marrying Millions might just be 23-year-old Dallas-area rapper Kolton Pierce.

"This dinner is super awkward," Kolton says. He's a twentysomething who dropped out of college to pursue his music career, and he's now dating baseball player Josh Hamilton's ex-wife Katie Hamilton, age 37. He's at a fancy steak dinner, trying to convince his friend, Katie's 18-year-old daughter Julia, that dating her mom is not weird.
In Josh's defense, he should post the comment that the little Bitch said. I'm sure she thinks she's a Garbagian.

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I say this as a Texas Rangers fan, myself. That guy doesn't deserve to be in the Rangers hall of fame. What a fucking piece of shit that guy is.

Submitted by SocraticMethods on

How about them Rangers?