Nov 20th, 2019 | In the News

THE NEW "CHARLIE'S ANGELS' REBOOT IS A FLOP...AND IT'S YOUR FAULT! "Charlie's Angels" actor/director Elizabeth Banks can't believe that the film's opening weekend had slightly more than 1/4 the audience that the leader, "Ford vs. Ferrari" had. what's worse, it's because you're a sexist!

This is the story Tom used to prepare for this episode.

See the actual box office numbers here.

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Submitted by TallTim on

Ms. Banks is doing the usual - avoiding any responsibility and accountability by blaming men's preferences.

This broad couldn't direct her way to a boarding gate, much less make a profitable film. You get paid what you're worth, and in this case her worth is in the negative. Good riddance.

Submitted by JohnFromAustin on

Professor, I think this is the effect of dad-deprivation on girls. They grow up with so much contempt for men that they have only hatred, cruelty, and blame for men. Whereas, the girls who grew up with their dad in their lives, more often develop a mutual respect and appreciation for men.

Submitted by Nobody of note on

When I was in college there was a quote from Chimamanda Adiche that made the rounds on my Facebook feed. It said, "If you're a white male, you don't get to decide what racism is." I'm not even white but it was right about then that I started to understand the logic (or lack thereof) of radical feminism, and I think that very soon this flawed logic will applied to today's topic. Hell, it probably already is by some of the more militant progressives. The bottom line is this: we don't get to decide if we're being sexist or not. So I say we just embrace it. If I don't like a certain movie that's all about women and female empowerment, the only possible reason is that I'm sexist. This has already happened with Star Wars. I used to love Star Wars and everything that had anything to do with Star Wars. Now I don't touch any new Star Wars material with a ten-foot pole, simply because I know there's a good chance it's going to be a thinly-veiled attempt to lecture the sexism out of me, and if I talk to anybody about why I didn't like it, they're just going to lecture me some more about how sexist I am. So I say just let them knock themselves out. Fine. Whatever. Yes, you're right. I'm sexist. And so is my money. So I'll just keep all my sexist opinions and sexist money to myself.

Submitted by TallTim on

Gads, Star Wars. Talk about taking a money-making franchise and running that into the ground. One of my favorite youtubers on the topic is this guy "The Critical Drinker" --

You should check out his reviews of the Star Wars films, one of the few responses that actually made me laugh out loud. He's a published author and knows his way around writing, which is why he's so good at dissecting the stupidity in modern cinema.

Submitted by Nobody of note on

He's one of my favorite YouTubers. Nothing like a savage, drunk Scott ranting about everything that pisses me off in movies

Submitted by xboxown on


- throws large ball of fire at Nobody -

- grin -

Submitted by alrantel on

As you point out Charlie’s Angels was a trash TV show from the 1970s where horny guys has few options on video, in this case TV, to see sex symbols scantily clad. Those were most of the viewers back then, not girls who wanted to grow up to be Super Heroes. Ms. Banks apparently thinks men TODAY will want the same entertainment but this time it’s not free TV it’s a movie ticket! NO THANK YOU! Boys have already seen Kristen Davis up close and personal in the Twilight series anyway. DONE!