Oct 29th, 2019 | Tom Talks

IT'S BEEN A YEAR! Tom looks back on what life has been like doing a podcast instead of a live stream or a live radio call-in show, talks about what he's loving about it and what he misses, and he looks ahead at what might be in store for the future. (Aren't you curious?)

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Submitted by Liquidnoose on

Wow Tom one full year of podcast only. Amazing. I personally, would rather have the radio/internet/live show back but I will take whatever you give us. Would like more MONEY MONDAY themed podcasts...do you need listener questions? I have a bunch. Anyways, all good here in Corona (and Cabo San Lucas as you know). Take care and keep this going!

Submitted by Sonsofbitches on

Hey does anybody know what date was the show with the Indian motel owner? "Hookers and drug dealing" "shit blasted onto the walls" etc. That was the greatest broadcast in history.

Somebody must know.

Submitted by VITAMINR on

Thanks for giving a voice to advice! Makes the night shift not so bad. Anyways.. Trolls, maybe end the show with audio clips of Dino cutting them off?

Submitted by Daniel Klock on

Keep it coming. Appreciate in particular your laying out your new process/routine; great insights. Agree with VITAMINR above, the vault of audio clips with Dino truncating trolls is a rich vein to mine!

Submitted by panc1974 on

That would be a great topic

Submitted by TallTim on

Tom, glad you've kept going. I got in on the tail end and didn't have a chance to catch many of your live shows - so now I go through the archives.

I think the other P1's are right, plenty of topics out there that need your voice and analytical ability.

Keep it up, I'll stay subscribed as long as you are on the internet.