Sep 3rd, 2019 | Leykis 101

HOW MUCH ARE AMERICANS SPENDING ON A SINGLE DATE? On average, $226.35 in California. $297.27 in New York State. And an average of $1,596 on dates per year! Hear Your Professor's response as he goes completely ballistic!

Here's the study to which Tom refers in this episode.

What do you think? Your Professor wants to know:



Submitted by landon101 on

80 bucks in Ohio??? What the best I might consider a 2 for 20 deal at Applebees...but nah 0 is optimal as always professor.

Submitted by TallTim on

Tom, I don't get how they put this study together. Its antiquated as fuck.

Nobody really goes to the theater anymore to watch a movie. Streaming is king, large 60-inch OLED screens with kickass sound systems are the norm at home. Why bother with stale popcorn smothered in yellow oil and noisy patrons at a theater?

And the dinner? Fuck that, either do the Tom Leykis 101 special -- a jar of spaghetti sauce, some noodles and a cheap bottle of wine from Trader Joe's or just meet her after she's eaten at home or whatever.

I can't believe people are such chumps to spend this money on chicks that don't give a shit about them. They're all at the finish line with their hands out, ready for the free goodies.

I'm messing with this chick at the moment, and no, we're not in a relationship -- and I haven't bought her a single fucking thing, and she can't get enough of me.

Because I don't act like the CHUMPS in this study, that's why. Leykis 101 is no joke, it saves you time and money - just wish the plebs would get with the program.

Submitted by xboxown on

All this money spend on dating and giving it to women you could have spend it on yourself and get yourself nice toys and gadgets! You could get yourself a nice TV, more powerful gaming PC, new consoles, learn programming, become the next game developer or movie writer, other fun stuff than giving it to whores.