Jul 8th, 2019 | Tom Talks

JUMPING INTO THE QUICKSAND We all know people sometimes who are in deep trouble. Friends, relatives, even our parents. Is it a good idea to jump in and help? Usually, no.

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Submitted by TallTim on

Tom, you're right. You can't help someone determined to destroy themselves. I ought to know, I lost my sister to a drug habit. The scumbag she was hanging out with took her cards and started ringing up charges. Classy, right?

It wouldn't have mattered if I had smacked that shit out her hands. She would have found another way to use. Sometimes you just have to walk away.

Submitted by tannydavid on

I have a brother who is nearing 50 and has tattoos all his body, got married, had three kids, separated, dating a single mother with three kids, works all the time to support them, eats too many sweets, and from what my mother describes, he's nearly broke and pre-diabetic and won't see a doctor. He's gotten himself into a deep hole with problems he could have avoided. I'm busy solving my own problems and just don't have any advice for him he would take such as getting his tats removed instead of spending his money on more and kids he didn't father with the single mom. What a mess, Tom. As for giving him money? I'm glad he never asked me for any money because that was a series of problems he could have avoided and spent all the money he made on investment portfolios to build up his wealth. When my father died two months ago, he told me to remain solvent. I'm glad I listened to his advice 40 years ago. I've been working my fucking ass off to be solvent and have a little fun reasonably along the way. I have no time for children, nagging women, or siblings that are a parody of their former teenage selves.