Jan 16th, 2019 | In the News

GILLETTE ATTACKS ITS OWN CUSTOMERS An ad campaign from razor blade company Gillette accuses men of something they call "toxic masculinity" and goes into details about what men are supposed to do about things such as "bullying" and "saying the right things". Does it make sense for a company to attack its own target audience in commercials? Tom speaks out!

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Submitted by slroth1 on

They defined masculinity by its worst possible traits then tell us we’re all toxic. Women are all strong, smart and beautiful without trying. Men are toxic and need to evolve. Huh? Where’s our version of “you are perfect just the way you are?”

Masculinity as defined by feminists, lol!

Submitted by xboxown on

My advice...never have sons in America...and remove men from America. America is toxic to men and masculinity all together. My advice is turn American into an Amazonian all female society and put walls around it to prevent any male from entering it.

Submitted by lionking36 on

Hey Dad,
I saw this two days ago and Twittered that "Here's another weapon for the ongoing War against Men in the U.S.. How the SJW's tried to come after me. Of course, all of their arguments were emotionally charged and offered no facts to support their claims They wilted and blew away like a used condom in a Tijuana gutter.
I will never buy Gillette products ever from this point on. I will take the time to write their corporate office about the disrespect they generated with this message to their audience. Rather, why not show a row of guys paying child support for kids that are not theirs or men that have been falsely accused and convicted of rape? Why not show this ad to the deadbeats on the Maury show or to R.Kelly? Believe me, they need it the most
As a officer in the Leykis Army and a graduate student of Leykis 101, I don't require nor request their personal guidance or social acceptance. You have mentally strengthened my resolve to understand how to act and react in every situation with women at work. Although I have a sixteen year career in education and the majority of the staff are women that I work with, some work really hard to get my attention with compliments or personal questions. When this starts, I politely nod, smile, and briskly walk away. One remark I have received this year was "Why are you running away?" If they only knew.
Well Dad, just wanted you to know that the War on Men in American Culture is in full steam but rather than hiding from it, I use the power of the mighty dollar to demonstrate my advertising approval and the strength of your wisdom to ward off any circumstances of not being "All the best a man can be."
Sincerely your son,

Submitted by daro-1 on

I wouldn't be too surprised if a Libfem (Liberal Feminist or 3rd Wave Feminist) had something to do with this ad campaign. Everything is becoming vaginised in the US and there is no escape from it.

Submitted by xboxown on

I still stand on removing the male sex completely from USA and leaving it an Amazonian world. You know Amazonian women village only actually is a reality. Women can hunt, fight, guard and build just like men. We should have a country for women alone...have walls to filter out the male sex and have a world of females birthing daughters and daughters birthing daughters and keep going until end of time. Let women have their own country! THEY WANT TO BE AWAY FROM THE MALE SEX ONCE AND FOR ALL! Wouldn't you men PLEASE LET THEM BE! THEY NEED TO HAVE THEIR OWN COUNTRY AND CURRENCY! PLEASE stop talking to them...please stop looking at them as a sexual entity..please stop having babies with them...PLEASE stop marrying them. Please stop joking with them. PLEASE ...







THESE women need to be liberated and left alone to run their own country with their own laws...GIVE THEM WHAT THEY WANT....let them GO!

Submitted by Jeezustheone on

All they are doing is using their power of advertising to create drama in the US. All this feminine bullshit movement is going to cause more men to become less manly and turn our boys into men that can't hold a job, a relationship, follow their dreams and so on. I agree with Terry Cruise though, we all need to hold each other accountable, for being strong-willed, driven men, and be there for each other when the world is turning on us.

Submitted by TallTim on

I've seen a few theories:

1) Its a cheap jab for free advertising, much like Nike's ad that incensed people.
2) Its society run amok, where a small minority thinks its their place to police what people do.
3) For me, its a combination of these, and its another marker on the mountain we're climbing -- the one that has a nasty peak and a deadly slide after.

Men built a lot of shit. Men invented a lot of shit. It boggles my mind that things like chlidren horse-playing around is now "evil". If Gillette wants to demonize men, they have the freedom to do so -- but we also have the freedom to vote with our dollars and go somewhere else.

I've seen suggestions for things like Dollar Shave Club, or simply hitting Amazon (using Tom's referral link of course) and getting a safety razor. It takes time to get used to, but the blades are cheap, and you have many brands to choose from. Ditch the plastic shit, and get a metal safety razor, it will last you years upon years.

The longer view for men isn't good. Getting slammed in family law, getting railed upon by feminists and other groups for simply existing.

You know why there's a movement called "Men Going Their Own Way"? Because the typical western woman, and society in general doesn't support men, so why should we support this society?

Let the chips fall where they may.

Walk away.

Good commentary Tom, keep it coming.

Submitted by misterdgc on

Yeah, now after removing fathers from the (I'd say home, but no man with half a brain will try to make a home with today's woman) life of our children, now they want to make it illegal to LOOK at women. HEY GILLETTE JUST MAKE A MAKE ALL YOUR RAZORS PINK NOW!! Fuckin' punk bitch ass company will NEVER EVER get another dime from me. How stupid do they think we are? I have never seen any of my bros act like a stupid douche shown in their commercial! BUT, A Houchie in the bar givin' me the eye for an hour? hmmm, time for an "unambiguous pass" -he shoots, he scores! I believe most men grew up wanting to be chivalrous and respectful to women until the found out that only a-hole bad boy types get laid. (Please refer to articles with women asking "where have all the real men gone"?) Yes, as Tom says "all the media is just like a vagina with rabbit ear antennas on top" Hey Gillette, good job being about as insulting as effin' possible to your core customers-- but hey it's all about "starting a conversation" I guess. Your product is honestly "overpriced crap" anyway. Gonna get myself a big ass box of those killer inexpensive razors made in Germany!!

Submitted by nowimhere on

Gillette: Lets tackle toxic masculinity
Also Gillette: 25% extra for “lady razors”.