Jan 26th, 2024 | Tom Talks

THE SOLUTION TO THE FENTANYL CRISIS Some of you aren't going to like this.



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I am pretty bleeding heart on most things but on this? I'm sick of Fentanyl being bandied about by pols - "it's the border crisis! It's Biden's fault!" or, It's the evil big pharma that got everyone hooked. No one put a gun to your head telling you to take drugs, Hell I've done my share and no one forced me! Luckily I was able to tell that this wasn't a good thing to keep doing, as fun as it was. BTW, back in the day when it was mostly black folks and latinos dying of heroin ODs it wasn't a big problem in many peoples' eyes. It was ghetto-dwellers and degenerate jazz musicians. So what. But NOW, nice suburban white kids are being affected...whoa now it's a problem!

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I’m premium can’t wait to listen!

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I revived someone by calling 911 from fentanyl once fairly recently. I was suspicious and I acted decently and he survived an overdosed pretty much confirmed by paramedics and police that day.

Proud of you Tom per usual for giving us tough love.

The boys need it and I’ll spread the word, so we snap out of it fast to save a life that is at more risk without your views imo.

Happy to listen again; you sound amazing. I wish more broadcasters would join your network like someone I don’t want to mention.

Format and website and quality are sound brother thank you.

I missed you guys. I care. I wish I cared as much as you do for your loyal listeners.

Thank you. Happy to hear your voice.

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so many people will die from doing drugs they should not be doing. I agree with you tom. I'm looking at you Matthew Perry! the fentanyl drug seems to be every where, so many people are dying. we have had a WAR ON DRUGS forever with no end in sight! THIS IS YOUR BRAIN ON DRUGS! but yet people around the world continue to use drugs and die what does that say about us?