Sep 2nd, 2021 | Leykis 101

SHOULD WIVES BE ABLE TO STAY AT HOME WHILE HUSBANDS WORK? This contributor to Reddit's "Am I The Asshole?" page is confronting this question as his wedding approaches. Your Professor weighs in!

Man taken aback by fiancee’s ‘manipulative’ financial request: ‘Dude, I think you’ve been played’

Am I The Asshole for calling my fiancee lazy for wanting to be a stay-at-home wife?

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Submitted by ras0iuf on

It's best I never get married because I'll be damned if anybody is going to live a life of leisure on a permanent vacation while I slave away every day to a brutally early alarm clock, a boss breathing down my neck, facing all kinds of intense stressors, performance evaluations, deadlines, etc, while she gets out of bed at 9 and laughs it up at Starbucks and the park with the other hens on a permanent vacation funded by some poor bastards at their respective jobs. No fucking way would I EVER sign up for that. EVER. Just seeing groups of women I don't even know doing this midweek makes my blood boil.

Submitted by TurquoiseTurtle on

Even if she works getting married is totally pointless. It never lasts, it’s too expensive and too much of a hassle to entertain some useless nagging woman that is never satisfied with anything you say or do.

Submitted by tarheel on

The best forum on Reddit right now is r/HermanCainAward. Stories of antivax/antimask hillbillies getting owned by karma. You'll love it Tom.

Submitted by Skywayal on

Men listen to this! don’t want to have to carry the heavy weight of life by yourself.

Think what if you get hurt then what, who will help you if your down and out?

Submitted by UncleKenta on

When I used to work in an office everyday, the best hour of the work day was the hour after work, coming home and sitting, enjoying a nice beverage out on the patio or by the pool. Aaaaaaaaah. Peace. Solitude. Relax. (insert sound of needle scratching across the grooves of a vinyl record) Imagine having to come home to all the emotional and psychological bullshit and battles that come with marriage, or even just plain old room mates. Double the bullshit, half the fun. 'Happy wife happy life?' lol No thanks. My home is my castle. Man cave? Jebuz. Thanks Tom.

Submitted by Ralph4navy on

When they stomp their little feet and gain leverage then they are driving the bus: the topic of one of Tom's shows back in the day. Worse than slaving away in the office while she is messing around is when our troops are on deployments dodging bullets while some of their gals are cheating and living it up. Tom, I agree with you that she would be a traitor betraying her warrior, sailor or marine on deployment. My buddy's wife was staying at home and doing all that, now 2 kids later its time for a divorce and he thinks she still cares even if or when attorneys come into the picture. He needed to understand what can happen if her attorney shows her the $$$,$$$ possibilities. Another P1 talked to our buddy trying to get him to see whats going on. I never gave any gal the keys to my kingdom otherwise all you get is that man-cave in the garage to get away from her a few minutes or hours at a time. Welcome home troops, you all deserve much better than that!