Dec 15th, 2020 | In the News

SHOULD MOTHERS GET $2,400/MONTH FOR BEING MOTHERS? That's what Reshma Saujani, founder and CEO of a group called Girls Who Code says. If you're childfree or a male taxpayer (or both!), do you want to pay women to do what no one asked them to do and which they will do anyway?

Here's the opinion piece that got Tom all riled up originally.

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Submitted by lionking36 on

Hey Dad,
Nope. With Helen Reddy passing earlier this year, what happened to the spirit of female independence and "I am woman, hear me roar.."? They're getting paid with tax write-offs and child support.
What?! No child support? Next time, get knocked up by Poindexter. Or just don't get knocked up...

Submitted by ras0iuf on

I completely agree. This makes my blood boil. Similarly, I get mad every tax season when I hear about my coworkers getting giant refunds because of their dependent deductions. Why should you get deductions for having children? Just like you said in this episode, people are going to have them anyway, so why incentivize it? I’m a productive member of society, and I work my ass off, and I have to pay more money in taxes than my coworkers because I have no kids? My coworkers’ kids are a burden on the infrastructure. Kids put a demand on the food supply, the water supply, electricity, the garbage system, the sewer system, the school system, roads, parks, they contribute to pollution, etc., etc., etc. If you’re having kids, you should contribute more funding to society's infrastructure for that privilege. Let’s start out with a standard TWO deductions for everybody with ZERO kids. Then, when you have one, you lose one of those deductions. When you have 2, you lose the second deduction. If you have more than 2, you have to pay MORE in taxes for each additional child. The system is backwards. Stop incentivizing what people are doing anyway. We don’t need more humans on the planet.

Submitted by TurquoiseTurtle on

Bravo, I couldn't agree more. There's already nearly 8-billion humans on the planet. Why do we need more crumb crunchers?