Sep 28th, 2020 | In the News


Submitted by Akocan35 on

Fucking retards who can't think straight still support this scumbag and that is absolutely CRAZY!!! Do people really enjoy getting fucked by this lying SOB s?

Submitted by cpk on

Yep, they do that's why they're called Trumptards. To them, white supremacy and making it so women gotta get back-alley abortions is so goddamned important, they're willing to overlook anything.

Submitted by flyboy805 on

Putin-bots in social media and Trump-politicians are Working overtime now... its just insane.

Uncle TOM, I'm making phone calls to all of my Friends and family Making Shure they are registered to Vote.... its useless tom, they ignore me....some people simply wont vote... or even register.
Guys Make sure you call and try to influence at least One non-voter to Vote. especially if they are in a Swing State or Red state.

Submitted by aofrailey on

Trumpites did not only ignore you. They ignored the authors of "Crime in Progress", whose operational research firm uncovered many of Trump's financial lies and shady dealings. Trumpites have to ignore Trump's own family, most of whom will have nothing to do with him and who warn that his reelection might sound the death knell of our democracy.

Trumpites have to ignore the fact that Trump fires or disposes of anyone who is a threat to him; particularly those who occupy positions in organizations which exist to provide a check on power of the President. A case in point is the FBI, known to have a very low turnover rate. Every member of the FBI team whose job it was to investigate Russian meddling in the 2016 election was either fired by Trump or resigned because they could not tolerate working in an environment where their work was corrupted byTrump. Who is it that is REALLY on a witch hunt?

And how do Trumpites justify their support for someone who surrounds himself with convicted felons while eschewing patriots, like James Comey, who stood up against Trump's veiled threats to do what was right, and Christopher Steele, who spent an entire career risking his life on behalf of Britain and its allies?

The only thing that explains it is fear. Fear of the reality that the white man is losing his white male privilege. I suspect that women who support Trump tend to be stay-at-home wives, whose fortunes largely depend on that of their husbands. Trump supporters don't like all the black and brown faces on those who are more educated and successful than they. And they don't like to add women to the competition mix. That the only thing I can think of that explains Trump supporters' determination not to see the obvious is that fear is overcoming their logic.

Submitted by tannydavid on

Are you working on an episode where you give your analysis on this so-called debate, which ended up looking more like an opening sketch of Saturday Night Live. Proud Boys? Trump refused to condemn white supremacy. I have fear that if Trump is reelected the white supremacists will go on a rioting spree. How can my family folks support this modern-day fuhrer? I'll have to change my will and bequeath my retirement funds to another designee instead of my Republican sister and her husband. Blow me up, Tom.