In the News

In the News

SELF-ADMITTED JUNKIE, MATTHEW PERRY, HAS DIED Why are so many people so sad?

Matthew Perry’s 911 audio dispatch released as distraught parents arrive at his home




CALIFORNIA FAST FOOD WORKERS WILL NOW GET $20/HOUR MINIMUM Tom tells us why many people will be better off.

California fast-food workers to earn minimum of $20 an hour under new law

What’s the Difference Between Processed and Ultra-Processed Food?


DODGERS PITCHER ARRESTED A SECOND TIME FOR DOMESTIC VIOLENCE 30 years ago, Your Professor was arrested and (falsely) accused of domestic violence. So, he has a take you won't expect on the Julio Urías arrest!

Dodgers ‘shocked’ and disappointed at latest Julio Urías incident


HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT DONALD TRUMP & COMPANY'S 41-COUNT GEORGIA INDICTMENT? Unlike the phonies that populate talk radio (and many podcasts), Tom has been consistent on this topic since Day One. He has always believed that Trump is no more than a big-mouthed mobster and a small-time crook since Tom's days of living in New York City years ago. And what about his former radio colleagues who jumped right into the Trump soup eight years ago? And his former friends and acquaintances who got taken in?

The often startling numbers behind Trump’s indictment in Georgia


ADULT MEN WHO GO TO SEE BARBIE especially the ones wearing matching pink attire with their dates: What do you think about that?

Woman ditches date after man refuses to wear pink to see Barbie movie

Proud dad praised for wearing Barbie tutu to match daughter's outfit for movie


HOLLYWOOD IS ON STRIKE Tom's dad was a union leader. And Tom was once a SAG-AFTRA member. Should we all be up in arms about these strikes? Find out about the outrageous phone calls Tom once got from union guy Casey Kasem (fucking ponderous, man)!