Guest Interviews

Guest Interviews

A LOOK BACK WITH TOM'S 40-YEAR RADIO FRIEND, AL RANTEL Plus, following years of therapy, Tom reveals something about himself he (and Al) never knew before!


TOM INTERVIEWS DAVID CROSBY IN 1991 The rock legend died recently. Here he is in studio with Tom 32 years ago!


PILLOW TALK Is MyPillow Guy Mike Lindell really threatening Salon investigative journalist Zachary Petrizzo? Let's ask him!


IS LARRY ELDER THE LIBERTARIAN HE CLAIMS TO BE? Low-rated radio talk show host Larry Elder leads a group of no one you ever heard of to unseat Governor Gavin Newsom in a California recall election. But there is something you don't know about Larry, that talk radio superstar Al Rantel DOES know. Click and find out what it is!

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GUSTAVO ARELLANO AND WOKOSOS IN THE HEIGHTS Los Angeles Times columnist and longtime Leykis guest Gustavo Arellano discuss the "woke" reaction to the Lin-Manuel Miranda film In The Heights, the wokester community in general, and the sudden need of advertisers to suddenly squeeze Black people into TV commercials where they've never been before.

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"HE'S NOT AN INSURRECTIONST. HE"S GOT FOXITIS!" Accused Capitol rioter Delaware's Anthony Antonio claims he was only at the US Capitol on January 6th because a roommate had constantly exposed him to Fox News and that, as a result, he contracted something his attorney Joseph Hurley called "Foxitis". Hear Tom's interview with Joseph Hurley and decide for yourself: is there such a thing as "Foxitis"?

Does "Foxitis" remind you of the "Twinkie Defense"?

'Foxitis': Attorney seeks to explain motive for local man joining Jan. 6 U.S. Capitol riot

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72 BLACK BUSINESS EXECUTIVES TAKE A STAND ON VOTER SUPPRESSION In a recent 2-page ad in The New York Times, 72 Black executives of major corporations put their signatures stating their clear, point blank opposition to voter suppression laws being passed in states such as Georgia.

Professor Jeffrey Sonnenfeld, senior Associate Dean for Leadership studies an Lester Crown Professor of Leadership Practice for the Yale School of Management tells Tom what it's all about.

72 Black business executives of major American corporations signed onto this ad in The New York Times opposing laws curtailing voting rights and suppressing Black voter participation.

72 Black executives sign letter urging corporate America to stand against voter suppression

Black Executives Call on Corporations to Fight Restrictive Voting Laws

The C.E.O.s Who Didn’t Sign a Big Defense of Voting Rights

What we learned from the first major FEC deadline after the insurrection

The GOP-Big Business Divorce Goes Deeper Than You Think

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IS THIS SITCOM AS OFFENSIVE AS SOCIAL MEDIA SAYS IT IS? Meet Reza Aslan, creator of the new CBS sitcom United States of Al, responds to social media criticism that the show, produced along with superstar sitcom producer Chuck Lorre, "glorifies war" or "stereotypes Muslims".

Reza Aslan bio.

United States of Al webpage.

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COME INSIDE THE JANUARY 6TH INSURRECTION with citizen photojournalist Brendan Gutenschwager, whose videos of the Kyle Rittenhouse shooting in Kenosha, the incidents at the Michigan Capitol, and the January 6th Insurrection are turning journalism on its ear!

Many of the videos like this of the January 6th Insurrection were not shot by the networks. They were shot by citizen photojournalist Brendan Gutenschwager.

Brendan Gutenschwager bio.

Brendan Gutenschwager's Twitter.

Brendan Gutenschwager's YouTube channel.

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HOW WILL MAJOR LEAGUE ATHLETES REACT TO GEORGIA'S VOTER SUPPRESSION LAW? Georgia's governor Brian Kemp just signed a racist voter suppression bill into law. Will major league athletes boycott the state of Georgia or the MLB All-Star Game, scheduled for Atlanta this summer? Sports manager Eric Mitchell has been talking to major league players and he tells Tom what he's hearing.

Vin Scully, who loves to talk about his relationship with Jackie Robinson, saying that, because of Colin Kaepernick's NFL protest, will "never watch the NFL again".

If you want to join the Georgia boycotts, here's a handy list of companies NOT to do business with.

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